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Westerners are most familiar with cleavers as crude tools of butchery but there is tremendous variety and versatility in this class of cutlery. Traditionally, Chinese cooks use a single cleaver shaped knife for every task in the kitchen. The Chinese cleaver or Chinese chefís knife is a thin delicate knife that slices and chops well with height that can be used to scoop up large volumes of product and enough mass that the spine or flat of the blade can be used to crush product before cutting. On the other end of the spectrum, larger, beefier cleavers are some of the few cutlery tools designed to handle cleaving bone in proteins without damaging the knife. With such a range of applications, cleavers are fun, novel, and versatile options to fill pretty much any role there is for kitchen cutlery. With such variety buyers do need to do their homework to make sure that the cleaver they are considering fits the role they envision for it.

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