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Yoshimitsu Knives

Yoshimitsu Knives

Yoshimitsu hamono is a small blacksmith shop run by five brothers in southern Japan and mostly serving the area around Nagasaki. The business has been in continual operation since the time Abraham Lincoln was president. We are the first company in the United States to offer these excellent knives. They are known locally for making their own steel in the traditional way by using a Tatara and smelting from sand iron collected from a river. Of course, this is not all they do, but it made them locally famous as a traditional maker and they got some good publicity for it on local TV. They also do most of their own cladding work by inserting the hard steel into soft iron that is currently mostly done by specialty steel mills in other parts of Japan. Itís these traditional methods that attracted me to this maker. As a side note, Mr. Nishida, who we also do business with in Kumamoto, learned many of his techniques and processes by visiting and working with the guys at Yoshimitsu. One of the interesting things about the knife business in Japan is that itís a small world and most of the smiths in each region know each other and often work with and learn from each other.

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