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Shapton Diamond Lapping Plate Sale
Shapton Diamond Lapping Plate Sale

Shapton Diamond Lapping Plate Sale

Item #: 50100

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Our Price: $299.00(You Save: $41.00)
During use water stones wear down. Because wear is uneven the stones become dished with high and lows areas that diminish the precision of the resulting edge and decrease the size of the contact area between the stone and the blade thus slowing the cutting action. Lapping stones are used to restore the flatness of sharpening stone thus ensuring the stones produce consistently high quality edges quickly and easily.

This Diamond Lapping Plate from Shapton is precision made with a high level of quality control to ensure the plate is as flat as possible. The plate is constructed of glass with diamond aggregate embedded in the glass. To use the lapping plate simply wet the plate and stone with a splash of water then either rub the stone on the lapping plate or vice-versa using a combination of figure-8 motions and/or scrubbing motions in alternating directions.

Customer Reviews


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  Shapton DGLP, November 14, 2022
Posted By: Steve

One of the best plates, if not the best, for lapping stones. The surface pattern prevents loading and sticking, especially if used with a little running water. I put mine i the sink with a little stream of water from the faucet hitting one end and I can lap all day long if needed without cleaning the stone or plate.

It’s also larger than the Atoma and most DMT plates, which is a nice bit of luxury.

Downsides are the cost, even with the CKTG sale - which made me buy a backup - the plate is not cheap, and you cannot put steel on it because of that same pattern that’s so good for lapping.

It’s difficult to pass up if you lap a lot of stones, arguably it’s the best.

I’ll add a plug for the 4-pound stone holder too, it is the best stone holder.

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  Shapton Diamond Lapping Plate
Posted By: Daniel Young - verified customer

I love this plate. Very easy to use and leaves my glass stones flat again. After lapping a glass stone, leave some ceramic on the stone for the next time you hone a knife. Amazing how fast you can home this way.

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  Product Review
Posted By: Greg G. - verified customer

I used to use the Atoma 140 to flatten the Shapton Glass Stones and other high-quality waterstones, but the Atoma 140 is a coarse sharpening stone that also works very well for flattening. I switched to the Shapton Glass Diamond Lapping Plate several months ago. The Diamond Lapping Plate works quickly, and I noticed improvement in the surface quality of all my stones right away. I've had better sharpening feedback and better results since I switched to the Diamond Lapping Plate.

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Posted By: Max S. - verified customer

OKay well, I have been using glass stones WITHOUT this plate for a long time... and enjoyed them. I would use a DMT 120 plate or some SiC on float glass to flatten my stones. I was watching harrelson Stanley on youtube and noticed how his stones seem to cut his steel... differently? The swarf loaded up on the stone was different, and his 500 seemed to cut very fast. After talking to him on youtube, he told me about this shapton lapping plate. Basically what he said is:The stone does not only flatten your water stones FAST, but it also "grooms" the surface in a way no other lapping tool will. It allows each abrasive particle on the stone to kind of form a tight mountain peek, which allows for the most efficient cutting on the surface. He then said he would get better results with 1 stone and 1 lapping plate than 5 stones and no plate! I recently got my plate in, and I must say he was right... if you own more than 1 or maybe 2 glass stones you really must get this. I use it for my edgepro glass set and my bench stones. It is pricey but once you start working with it, you will see how great it is! Glass stones are designed to work with this plate! BUY IT!

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  Product Review
Posted By: Aaron M - verified customer

No point owning a bunch of glass stones without this. Got mine today after putting it off for a while. Flat stones in about two minutes . Worth the initial outlay, renewed my four stones back to new again. Sharpening is now as quick as it can be, and more accurate.

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  Product Review
Posted By: Loren Fry - verified customer
2 people found this review helpful

While I was familiar with the Shapton product, I was not familiar with Chef Knives to go. What a great treat to find a family owned business that has the best prices and personal service. I got what I wanted, when I wanted it and for a great price with friendly service. I was so impressed I posted the website on the woodworking school boards.

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