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Yahiko Stone Tray
Yahiko Stone Tray

Yahiko Stone Tray

Item #: StoneTray

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Our Price: $20.00
Yahiko Stone Tray is our favorite stone holder for sharpening. Made from pliable latex, the stone tray holds your stone in place so you can enjoy sharpening without getting your counter wet. No more adjusting screws on holders. It's quick and easy. The interior measures 285mm long by 115mm wide. Or in inches 11.25" x 4.5". These dimensions don't include the lip that runs around the pond. We did this tray in grey to match the swarf from your stones.

Customer Reviews


9 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
  marginally useful
Posted By: SteveH
2 people found this review helpful

This little limp tray works but there are two problems with its design and function. The first is that because it's so shallow it has limited capacity to contain slurry tailings. The second is it's flexible like a noodle. Once it fills up with a sizable amount of slurry runoff, it's difficult to transport the liquid for disposal without spilling it. All in all, its use is limited to truly splash and go stones that only need a few squirts of water to start honing. Squirting water doesn't produce a good honing experience because using just a few squirts of water to keep a stone clean of metal swarf and debris doesn't work that well.

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  Yohiko Stone Tray
Posted By: AM

This tray is a must! No more getting water and slurry all over the counter, as the Yohiko Stone tray captures it all.
The tray holds your stone holder securely in place, so no slipping which makes sharpening more secure.
Very well made and rinses clean when done without a hitch.

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Posted By: Kyle - verified customer

Just what I hoped for. Great product!

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  Very Good Sharpening Pond:
Posted By: Stephen Davidson

This pond performed extremely well and was definitely worth buying. The back is non skid so you don't have to worry about it moving on you while you are honing and it's flexible not rigid so you can travel with it. I did knock 1 star off because it's not very deep so you will have to empty it often.

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  Great value
Posted By: AF - verified customer

Best $15 I've spent on knife related stuff. Really solved the problem of keeping things steady and keeping from making a mess. Someday I might want to step up to a sink bridge but in the meantime this minimalist solution is perfect.

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  Yahiko tray
Posted By: Drew Lastra - verified customer

I ordered one and loved using it so much I ordered two more. A superb addition to my sharpening work. As a woodworker using these trays is perfect for holding my sharpening stones and with a stone in the tray laying on the workbench the tray never slips or slides. It contains the water from the stones extremely well. Very easy to clean. It's the perfect accessory for me in my shop. A great product.

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  A good gripper
Posted By: Lionel Joyce

Most handy for gripping stones so they don't shift, and for catching slurry/water. Keeps my bench clean. Also handy for drying stones out - rest them crosswise on the tray until dry

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  Great option to contain run off.
Posted By: Jack

I ordered this pond along with the Suehiro Deluxe stone holder. It works very well to contain the water and slurry during honing. It also works well with the Shapton Pro series stones, when using either the case as a holder or the Suehiro Deluxe. The pond grips the counter top well to prevent sliding, easy clean up and drying. It is very flexible though so lifting the pond with a stone and holder in place requires both hands to avoid dropping an expensive stone.

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  Nice Tray
Posted By: Jeff B - verified customer

Works well with my Suehiro Deluxe Stone Holder, or by itself, and my splash-n-go stones. Nice soft rubber that grips the counter well and stays inplace. Keeps the mess to a minimum.

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