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Aogami Super Steel

Aogami Super Steel

Aogami Super is coveted by knife enthusiasts. When heat treated properly it is a fantastic knife steel. Made up of Carbon: 1.40 1.50%, Tungsten: 2.00 2.50%, Vanadium: .30 - .50%, Chromium: .30 - .50%, Molybdenum: .30 - .50%, Manganese: .20 - .30%, Phosphorus: .025%, Sulfur: .004%, Silicon: .10 - .20% This is one of the most popular high carbon steel alloys amongst Japanese knife makers. It is known for the very high edge retention and fine edge it is capable of. Wear resistance is medium so it is very easy to sharpen. It is reactive so wiping down and drying should be done after every use.

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