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VG5 Stainless Steel

VG5 Stainless Steel

VG5 stainless steel is made with refined low impurity raw material, has excellent toughness and fine grain structure for excellent edges on knives. Blacksmiths like it because it is an easy steel to work with and hot forge. It's an excellent steel for kitchen knives in particular. In addition to this, the increased levels of C (chromium) and C(carbon) are higher than the more common stainless steel grades. The eutectic carbide crystallization is suppressed, to allow for heat treatment at a higher level than some other similar steels. The steel has a uniform structure and refined carbides. The element composition is C 0.70-0.80, Cr 13.00-15.00, Mo 0.20-0.40, V 0.10-0.20, Ideal Hardness is HRC59-60.

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