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Sakai Knives

Sakai Knives

During my first trip to Japan I was able to source these excellent knives from Sakai. They offer excellent quality and a reasonable price and are made with white #2 steel clad with soft iron. The knives are made in the traditional Sakai method using a small, specialized blacksmith shop and a equally specialized knife sharpener to finish the blades. Then, they are sent off to a handle maker and engraver to finish the knives according to my specifications. The engraving is in Kanji and done by hand. It says "Mark" on the front of each blade.

These knives are single bevel and are meant for right-handed users. They have a convex front side and a concave back side and these types of knives are used primarily by professional cooks in Japan. Handles are made with ho wood in a D shape with buffalo horn ferrules. Each knife has a matching saya included.

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