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Gihei Knives

Gihei Knives

Established in 1928, Gihei is one of the innovative small blacksmith shops working in Niigata Prefecture today. The owner, Atsushi Hosokawa, has been very proactive in using and developing knives with the best steels available such as ZDP189 and HAP40 and others. We have been doing business with Gihei for several years and they make our Richmond ZDP189 knives for us.

Located in Sanjo City, Japan, this small shop is known for producing really fine knives with excellent grinds and they use top shelf steels. Their heat treating is exceptional and they make these knives in small batches with tight controls on quality. The cutting edge on these knives is made of HAP40 steel clad with stainless steel which is one of the best in terms of wear resistance on the market today. These knives are heat treated flawlessly at 65-66 Rockwell and they take a great edge and hold it for an incredibly long time. We nicknamed this steel "voodoo steel" and along with the quality craftsmanship we think these knives offer great value.

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