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Bread Knives

Bread Knives

When asked to rank order types of knives by frequency of use, many culinary pros will list a bread knife in the top three behind only the chef’s knife and paring knife. These knives are valued for their titular role in slicing bread but also in a wide range of other tasks that make these knives among the most versatile in the knife block. Bread knives are adept at portioning large melons, cutting tomatoes and slicing cooked proteins as well as handling breads, cakes, and other baked goods with aplomb. One of the unifying features of bread knives is their serrated edges that allow them to saw through crusty breads or slice through softer baked items. Beyond the serrations bread knives vary significantly, handles can be offset to provide knuckle clearance on a cutting board, serrations may be pointed or scalloped, and blades can vary in both profile and dimension. The upshot is users are spoiled for choice in one of the most adaptable blades in the knife block.

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