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Yasha Yukawa Knives

Yasha Yukawa Knives

My name is Yasha Yukawa, I am a swordsmith apprentice since six years, working under the tutelage of Mukansa level swordsmith Matsuba Kunimasa of Miyazaki prefecture. Last year I opened my own workshop in Yamaguchi prefecture, and as part of my final training period, I am also producing a limited number of honyaki kitchen knives, by the traditional manufacturing methods of the Japanese Sword. The steel I use is Tamahagane, forge folded, and the blades carefully handforged one by one. Polishing is done on natural whet-stones all the way up to uchigumori. Furthermore I am making honkasumi blades with Aogami core and Tamahagane cladding as well.

I am at the moment producing Gyuto, Sujihiki, Petty, Yanagiba and Deba, The edge on my blades are usually asymmetrically ground, with a convex profile. The tamahagane is folded between five to six times, which means 64 to 128 layers. It will render a nice jihada ("steel-skin") and hataraki ("effects") in the hamon. And naturally a fine quality steel. As a traditionally trained swordsmith, I simply cannot "degrade" in any operation, so the manufacturing methods and the quality will be like that of my Japanese swords.

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