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Nigara Knives

Nigara Knives

Nigara Knives has a long tradition and turns out some really beautiful, handmade knives with exceptional quality. This region in northern Japan has a rich history of blacksmiths that made all kinds of weapons and tools which date back 350 years. As one of the few noble (shogun) swordsmiths in Japan, Nigara knives have continued to preserve this art. During the Showa period, Nigara Kunitoshi, a master swordsmith, was often recognized for his work. During the period of World War II, the traditional swordsmithing technique made its impression with the military prior to and during the war, but afterward swordmaking was banished by the US Military and many blacksmiths had to change their business to gardening tools, kitchen cutlery, and other practical applications. Nigara was able to survive and thrive and today make some of the finest cutlery in Northern Japan.

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