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Here is a sampling of our professional Sashimi knives that we offer at Chef Knives To Go. Yanagibas or Sashimi Knives are traditional style Japanese slicing knives that typically have a face sharpened edge, meaning they are sharpened mostly on one side for a much sharper cutting edge. Sashimi knives are used primarily by Sushi chefs to thinly slice fish but the knife is increasingly popular with western cooks for a multitude of tasks including roast carving.

There are a variety of different styles of sashimi knives that have different blade designs. The most popular is the yanagi or yanagiba. This style has a long slender blade, one sided edge and a pointed tip. Another popular style is the Tako which has a blunt end instead of a point and the end of the blade is sharpened like a Usuba knife.

Please do a search above right for the term yanagi or Sashimi to get a full list of Sashimi Knives that we sell. Here are a few links to some of the more popular knife lines that offer Sashimi knives but the list is not comprehensive.

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