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Ogata Knives

Ogata Knives

Syungo Ogata is a young blacksmith that has been working for the past 5 years as an apprentice for one of the master smiths in Takefu and this is his first offering using his own name. The steel used on this knife is Hitachi White #2 (also called White Paper #2 or Shirogami #2) and it's heat treated carefully by experience in the 61-62 Rockwell range.

The Damascus cladding on these knives is soft iron and the kurouchi finish is interesting and rustic. They look like they just came out of a charcoal forge even though they're actually done using gas. The knives are spring hammer-forged with nice grinds done on a large sharpening wheel. I'm very excited to be offering these knives from another of the younger generation of blacksmiths that I met earlier this summer at Takefu Village. These guys are the future of knife making in Japan and it's a privilege to offer their knives and introduce them to the USA market and help start them on their solo careers.

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