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Home > Knife Types > Cleavers > Chopper King Orca K5 Funayuki 210mm
Chopper King Orca K5 Funayuki 210mm
Chopper King Orca K5 Funayuki 210mm Chopper King Orca K5 Funayuki 210mmChopper King Orca K5 Funayuki 210mmChopper King Orca K5 Funayuki 210mm
Chopper King Orca K5 Funayuki 210mmChopper King Orca K5 Funayuki 210mmChopper King Orca K5 Funayuki 210mmChopper King Orca K5 Funayuki 210mm

Chopper King Orca K5 Funayuki 210mm

Item #: CK-K5-Orca

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews)

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Our Price: $39.95
  • Product Name: Chopper King Orca
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Construction: San Mai, Hammer Forged
  • Steel: K5 Carbon Steel (It will rust if you don't wipe it dry)
  • Type: General Purpose / Fish Knife
  • Weight: 373g
  • Overall length: 348mm
  • Blade length: 229mm
  • Blade width: 78mm
  • Blade thickness: 3mm
  • Grip length: 119mm

  • Customer Reviews


    4 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      This knife is a beast , February 13, 2023
    Posted By: Steven

    Ive cut through tuna cleaned mignon and sliced sashimi with it just for fun.
    Give it a little sharpenning out of the box and itll be indestructible.
    Not suitable for vegs except pumpkin.

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      Get to the choppa!, February 4, 2023
    Posted By: fiz

    You get a lot of knife for the price. A beast of a blade, an Orca! Touch it on stones beforehand and you’ll get an amazing cutter.

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      Capital-R Rough around the edges, but a gem if you're willing to put in some work., January 27, 2023
    Posted By: Andrew Romig
    4 people found this review helpful

    First, I want to echo Mr Hernandez's review comment that the blade is indeed lacquered INCLUDING the edge. When I pulled mine out of the box, I was frankly disappointed with the apparent factory edge, but I set it on my honing rods just to see what I could achieve. Just two swipes on each side were enough to remove the lacquer, revealing an outrageously sharp factory edge hiding underneath. What a treat!

    Second, mine had a couple major ergonomic faux pas(es?) out of the box:
    1. A very substantial 1mm tall burr all along the KU portion of the choil on the left side that I had to spend several minutes grinding down with a coarse diamond stone.
    2. The tang doesn't in any way blend where it meets the handle, so there are sharp 90 degree corners on both the top and bottom of the tang. I had to sandpaper these thoroughly to achieve a comfortable pinch grip (which, believe me, with this much forward weight is the only grip you'll be using).
    And finally from the department of negatives, I must point out that my blade also has a mild to moderate warp to the left on the forward 1/3rd of the blade. It's severe enough that it's definitely noticeable, but not severe enough to affect sharpening or use in my opinion.

    Moving on, not a *negative* per se but I was surprised how forward-heavy this knife is. I knew from the stated weight it was going to be beefy for its size, but I didn't anticipate the weight distribution. From a handling standpoint: think cleaver, not gyuto (although the edge geometry somewhat splits the difference, making it very usable for either role).

    So, okay, with all that in mind - "Why 4 stars?", you may ask. Because after 45 minutes of elbow grease addressing the lacquer on the edge, the biggest choil burr I've ever seen, and a somewhat poorly blended handle interface, I have a wicked sharp semi-cleaver with a very nicely finished and comfortable handle (particularly compared to those found on CCKs twice the price), nice smooth spine and kurouchi finish on the blade, and an interesting and versatile blade shape/geometry that I don't have to worry about beating on a bit because hey, it's only $40. It's a honey of a minor project knife and the end result is really, really satisfying.

    If nothing I've described scares you away, it's absolutely worth the pick up.

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      Pleasantly Surprised , October 3, 2022
    Posted By: Ralph Hernandez

    The laquer does come off and the blade is decently reactive. OOB sharpness is amazing. The handle is decent. Nice weight to the blade.

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