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Chopper King AUS10 Cleaver
Chopper King AUS10 Cleaver Chopper King AUS10 CleaverChopper King AUS10 CleaverChopper King AUS10 Cleaver
Chopper King AUS10 CleaverChopper King AUS10 CleaverChopper King AUS10 CleaverChopper King AUS10 Cleaver

Chopper King AUS10 Cleaver

Item #: CK-AUS10-Cleaver

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Our Price: $60.00
We have a large variety of Chinese knives but most of them are made with carbon steel and have reactive iron cladding. A long-time customer recently introduced these to me and Iíve been pleasantly surprised with this excellent AUS10 stainless steel knife from Chopper Knife King in Taiwan. The edge length on this one is 210mm and the thickness is 1.5mm. They come with a good out-of-the-box edge and pretty darn good fit and finish. They have more belly than the CCK 1303 so they will rock on the board better and wonít catch corners on the board.

*Our cleaver saya does not fit this cleaver due to the height of the blade.

  • Maker: Chopper King
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Steel: AUS10 Stainless Steel
  • Cladding: Stainless
  • Weight: 12.4 oz (352 g)
  • Blade Length: 213 mm
  • Total Length: 320 mm
  • Blade Height at Base: 100.5 mm
  • Blade Height at Middle: 106.0 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 5.0 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Middle: 1.7 mm
  • Handle: Bubinga, Clear Coat Finished

  • Customer Reviews


    1 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      A hidden gem of the knife world, March 19, 2022
    Posted By: Ryan E

    I am thrilled with this knife. Like many people, my first experience with Chinese chef's knives was the CCK small slicer (1303). Over time, I found myself reaching for my western chef's knives less and less in favor of the CCK. Something about a Chinese cleaver just feels "right" in your hand. It's not just a knife, but a multi-purpose kitchen tool: garlic smasher, meat tenderizer, ingredient picker-upper, you name it.

    For me, the Chopper King Aus-10 cleaver improves on all of the things I love about the CCK. The handle is nicer, the fit-and-finish is better, the steel is higher quality--and most importantly, the stainless cladding means that I don't need to baby it or worry about rust formation. In comparison to the 1303, the Chopper King is slightly taller and heavier, which makes it feel more sturdy and competent in the hand. Although it's a bigger knife, the edge geometry is thin and still offers laser-like performance.

    Until recently, if you wanted to get your hands on one of these knives, you effectively needed to import it from Taiwan yourself--often using freight forwarding services to work around Taiwanese shipping restrictions. This meant extra time, money, and hassle. I'm thrilled that Mark and his team are now making these knives available to a broader audience. The price that CKTG is able to offer these at is truly fantastic. This is currently one of the best deals on the site, in my opinion.

    If you're looking for a cleaver with stainless cladding and a carbon steel core, check out the Chopper King Shirogami #2 cleaver. It is functionally identical to the Aus-10 model, but with a carbon steel core that makes it super easy and fun to sharpen.

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