+Daovua Leaf Spring Small Cleaver
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Daovua Leaf Spring Small Cleaver
Daovua Leaf Spring Small Cleaver Daovua Leaf Spring Small CleaverDaovua Leaf Spring Small CleaverDaovua Leaf Spring Small Cleaver
Daovua Leaf Spring Small Cleaver Daovua Leaf Spring Small CleaverDaovua Leaf Spring Small CleaverDaovua Leaf Spring Small Cleaver

Daovua Leaf Spring Small Cleaver

Item #: Daovua-SmCleaver

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Daovua Small Cleaver Saya
Usually ships the same business day
Just watching the video below should be enough to get you intrigued about this knife and its maker. We originally purchased a handful of knives from him to give our forum members a chance to try them. Well, the response was overwhelmingly positive…in the main! So we are having him make more for us using our members’ input to improve the product.

The knives do not possess the highest level of fit and finish. They are not made from exotic materials. And they are as much a curio as a desirable kitchen knife. But what they do possess is a character and an ability to cut that is as good as many knives we sell.

The blades themselves are fashioned from old leaf springs. These auto cast offs are actually a great source of knife steel, usually being made from 5160 steel. In fact many highly regarded US custom knife makers use this steel source for their expensive creations. The edge profile is all belly. There is not a flat spot to be seen! But the blade is super thin and ground really well. With a height of 90mm and an edge length of about 210mm, it resembles a classic Chinese cleaver ratio.

Putting aside the less-than-perfect finish, one thing everyone agrees on is their cutting ability. These blades are sharp and take an incredible edge. For someone looking for a unique version of a cleaver, a fun project knife, or a sharpening practice knife, the Daovua is a perfect and high value choice. Please remember these are made under crude conditions with used steel so you should expect that they're rough and have imperfections that exceed most of our other knives. Expect dents, scratches odd sizes, different handles etc. If you're into great fit and finish or are overly particular run away! If you want to try a cool piece of living history and you're not uptight about a crude but cool cutting tool than you'll love it.

  • Weight: 9.8 ounces
  • Blade Length: 205 mm
  • Total Length: 340 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 2.5 mm
  • Blade Height: 85 mm
  • Handle: (Wood type varies from knife to knife)

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Daovua leaf spring small cleaver, October 7, 2019
    Posted By: Marion Reynolds - verified customer

    A gift to my grandson who works at a restaurant.

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    5  Decent knife, great servicr, September 26, 2019
    Posted By: Devin Dixon - verified customer

    Bought the Daovua cleaver to practice sharpening and, you know, have a cool Chinese cleaver to play with. Knife is fine: a little awkward for me as I’m unused to so much forward balance. Find myself choking up so far on the spine that I’m almost holding it like a bench scraper. Still—the blade is great, though a bit too thick behind the edge. Would also benefit from some distill taper. Finish is rough as advertised—I recommend some taking some sandpaper to the spine and choil. Probably should’ve went with the tall nakiri, but all in all I’m very satisfied. Used it at work and found it a read murderer of cabbages, carrots, celery, peppers and garlic. Found it excellent for mincing beef for chili—better than a gyuto, even.

    As always, the finish sharpening service is excellent and gave me a real reference for what “sharp” really is.

    Have since ordered the 210 Dao Vua gyuto and will likely grab more when they are in stock. Super fun knives.

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    5  Exactly as described, July 1, 2019
    Posted By: Christopher Morgan - verified customer

    Sharp ootb and very unique and interesting knife. Needs a pass on the stone before tho. Overall a fun knife with good specs.

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    5  New to cleavers, June 30, 2019
    Posted By: some guy who got a cleaver - verified customer

    Never had one of these before - so take with a grain of salt, but big fan. I typically associate them with butchering a cut of meat, but has been most useful for mincing herbs and veggies. Dig it.

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    5  Great knife for a great price!!!, June 28, 2019
    Posted By: Igor Kokozov - verified customer

    Really awesome knife.

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    5  Love this knife!, May 31, 2019
    Posted By: Sho Spaeth

    I love this knife! I bought it to experiment with Chinese-style cleavers, and it's since become my main knife for general kitchen tasks (for reference, I have a Tojiro chef's knife, a couple debas, and a honesuki).

    It did require a couple passes on a whetstone straight out of the package, but it got quite sharp and it holds the edge marvelously. Love its versatility and weight... really can't recommend it enough!

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    5  Love everything about it. , February 21, 2019
    Posted By: Joshua Runyon

    Recently received mine, couldn't be more happy. It was exactly what I was expecting, imperfection and excellence combined to make an intriguing and delightful to use product. I will be picking up the entire Daovua line as they become available. They aren't kidding about this material being superb for knife making. Holds scary sharp edge quite well. It's also great to be just a few hours away in La Crosse WI!

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    4  Since 1288 !, December 30, 2018
    Posted By: Andrew Huang - verified customer
    5 people found this review helpful

    I've been a lifelong user of classic european chefs knives but decided to give a Chinese Caidao cleaver a solid trial. First, unless all you do is slicing, it's a lie that the Caidao is the only knife you ever need. I have a custom shaped parer for peeling onions and scraping ginger, I have a flexible utility for filleting, I have a Santoku that is a necessity for quartering brussel sprouts, all tasks that a Caidao could do, but at a compromise in speed and efficiency.

    The Caidao's advantage is in it's thin, thin, thin blade that minimizes the effort of slicing. The thin blade and its huge width allows for consistent paper-thin slicing, at speed. Of course, the width makes it an excellent spatula for moving things around.

    The story of the Daovua's craft holds exactly the right sentiment for me: prioritizing workmanship and thrift over production and beauty. My son (for whom the knife was originally intended) and I fussed endlessly over the hand hammering and grinding on the blade. The stories we read in the dents were the reason for the knife.

    But after finish sharpening (diamond to 3K, then 6K King waterstone) and a side-by-side comparison with the small CCK, we found differences that made the CCK the knife he was keeping. Sharpness, of course, is rarely the issue - given sufficient time and abrasives, we can get anything sharp. Instead, the deeper rocker of the Daovua meant a very small "sweet spot" for chopping, requiring a longer rocking stroke for a full cut, or if push cutting rather than rocking, rocking is still required to finish the cut. I'll use both rocking and pushing when I'm working and I don't like how the Daovua is so specialized for one stroke.

    The deep rocker has two other effects: first the edge sinks deeper into my cutting board so that the blade sticks when I want to move vegetables away from the cutting area. Secondly, when using the blade as a spatula, the rocker tends to dig in rather than sliding smoothly. Though familiarity will make this less of an issue, the rocker also means that vegetables away from the sweet spot won't get picked up.

    Finally, the metal of the blade causes onions to discolor after a while.

    I will be keeping the Daovua, but spending some quality time with an 180 grit diamond plate to reduce the rocker as well as cleaning up various rough edges. It's good knife.

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    5  decent blade, June 9, 2018
    Posted By: Nick McG
    2 people found this review helpful

    I put this one through the paces all week at work. Easy to keep sharp with a ceramic rod. Not as nimble as the cck 1303, or as powerful as the 1102, but a solid workhorse.

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