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Gyutos 180 - 195mm

Gyutos 180 - 195mm

Gyutos are general purpose knives and the word translates roughly to "cow sword". They are very similar to traditional western style chef's knives with a few important distinctions. First, they usually have a flatter blade profile since most Japanese cook's are taught to push cut rather than rock their knives. Japanese knives are usually sharper so less force is used which makes push cutting ideal. Also there are no clunky finger guards with Japanese gyutos. This is a great benefit when sharpening the knife since the thick finger guard usually obstructs sharpening. Many of them are also thinner and use traditional wa handles instead of western type handles with bolsters. This makes them much lighter and many enjoy this aspect once they get used to it. Here you will find our current selection of 180mm gyutos as well as some 195mm ones since we don't have a separate section for them yet.

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