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Kangaroo Strops

Kangaroo Strops

Available in 1x6" mounted on aluminum backing for the EdgePro (for use where space and portability is a concern) as well as 3x8" and 3x11" mounted on glass to give an exceptionally flat surface with outstanding characteristics. We also put magnetic backing on the larger glass strops so they can be used on our strop base. One of the smoothest leathers available. These selected kangaroo leathers are from thinner hides and provide extreme flatness because there is less compression giving remarkable edges. Can be used either plain or with the finest diamond and CBN preparations down to 25 nanometer particles. Use for compounds as coarse as quarter micron. This leather provides minimal abrasion itself but still has the draw of leather. Use this as a final finish after using your finest natural or synthetic stones or diamond lapping surfaces. Use it on your razors and knives for the sharpest and finest finish available on this planet! Great for edge touchups.

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