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Richmond Strop Base 3 x 11
Richmond Strop Base 3 x 11

Richmond Strop Base 3 x 11

Item #: RichmondBlackBase

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Our Price: $25.00
Introducing the Richmond strop base. This simple platform is made from steel, powder-coated, and painted black. The base is cut from bar stock, and it's very flat. It has 4 rubber feet on the bottom for good traction so it won't slide around. It will work with all of our magnetic-backed strop pads. The base measures 3"x 11". It was made in Wisconsin. Dr. Matt Recommended it!

Customer Reviews


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  Nice system, August 4, 2022
Posted By: S

The base is well made and has good quality non-slip feet. This is nice strop system. The bovine leather strops and diamond sprays allow me to get "next level" sharpness and maintain that easily between stone sharpening.

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  This is great
Posted By: Jess Ablang - verified customer

Nice stable base for my pasted strops. The biggest benefit is for my razors, giving them a very flat surface to strop on and without too much give like a hanging strop might.

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  really cool product
Posted By: Matt Jacobs - verified customer

This is awesome. I was buying leather and gluing it to wood basis. Now I can have multiple strops and just attach to this. It is nice and heavy with great rubber feet.

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Posted By: Janice Hardisty

This is a great base to go with the various stropping tops that are available. I've tried wood block bases and they work well but this is a step up in my estimation. The base's "feet" hold solid to a counter top. Doesn't move around. I guess you can use a stone holder but this base works better. Great idea from Mr. Richmond.

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  worth it
Posted By: Dale - verified customer

Solid, well made and flat. The perfect strop base :)

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  Great strop system with the leather pad
Posted By: Phillip Porch - verified customer

I love the base/magnetic leather pad combo to strop my knives.

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  Great addition!
Posted By: Brian M (GopherBroke) - verified customer

I have been using balsa strops for almost a year now, and always used them on the counter top or table... and they slid all over the place! I'm resourceful, and thought about making my own plate. Turns out that it is not at all feasible. Buy the metalPrep the metal (ground flat)equates to you'll spend more money making it yourself. It works superbly!

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Posted By: Earl Patton - verified customer
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Wonderful! I will never use any other base. Perfect size and heavy so it doesnt move around.

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  I like it!
Posted By: Chris - verified customer

The one I received was bent but I was able to straighten it with out any damage being incurred. Works great with CKTG's magnetic-backed strops. It is heavy with good, non-slip feet. Stays put well!

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  Great addition to sharpening kit
Posted By: Tony S - verified customer

I really like this base. Works perfectly with all of the magnetic backed strops CKTG offers. It's heavier than I expected, which is great because it stays put as you're using it. But if you plan on carrying it with you in your knife bag, you'll definitely feel the extra weight. I wish the rubber feet were taller to give it more height. When using with the leather strops there's not much clearance for your hand. But I solved that minor drawback by just setting it on my stone holder instead of directly on the table.

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  Excellent purchase, I absolutely love it.
Posted By: Steven C. Howell - verified customer

I have to say that Im absolutely thrilled with the Richmond strop based system. At first, I wasnt too sure and almost ordered just a standard paddle strop elsewhere but finally decided that I would give this a try. Honestly, I didnt expect that. For $20, I thought that Id be getting a very minimal quality piece of equipment. That's not the case at all. The base is heavy and built solid. The rubber base on the bottom freezes it in place. There's no wobbling and certainly no sliding. It doesn't move unless I pick it up. That's a huge plus in my book.Im a big fan of the magnetic backing and how well it compliments the strops made for it. It's incredibly fast and easy to move from base to base strop material. I've been using a balsa strop with .5 diamond spray and from there, moving on to the horse strop. It takes only seconds and refines the edge to my razors extremely well. If you order a strop for it, I'd suggest you get the 3x11 size. I'd mistakenly ordered the 3x8 and I have no complaints with it all and it works just fine but it obviously the 3x8 is 3 inches shorter than the base. No big deal but the 3x11 is my preference for strop size. I've since ordered both the Bovine and Kangaroo in the 3x11 size.If you're considered buying this, there's no need to think twice. It built well, it works well and that's exactly what we want in a strop.

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  Good start...
Posted By: Rick Darenberg - verified customer

This is a much more reasonably priced option than the previous HandAmerican strop base. It's simple and it would be perfect if the feet were longer so the platform is higher off the table. When I use leather strops my hands scrape the table a bit.

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