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Bovine Strop 3
Bovine Strop 3 Bovine Strop 3Bovine Strop 3
Bovine Strop 3" x 11"Bovine Strop 3" x 11"Bovine Strop 3" x 11"

Bovine Strop 3" x 11"


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Our Price: $14.95
The Richmond Bovine Strop is the perfect choice for those looking to quickly touch up an edge on a knife or razor.

Strops are the most effective way of discharging fine abrasive materials to the bevel edge of your knife or razor. This bark-tanned bovine magnetic strop pad is made to fit the Richmond honing base. Easy to use, you can strop with the leather only or load the pad with various pastes with excellent results.

You will be amazed at how a few strokes on this strop will return a dull edge to perfect sharpness. Home cooks will be especially pleased with the ease and efficiency of the stropping process. Even those with little sharpening experience will find the use of a strop to be the easiest way of maintaining a fine edge on their blade.

Customer Reviews


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  Leather strops and slurries.
Posted By: Rick - verified customer

I enjoy the convenience of the magnetic leather strop and base, for me the diamond strop polishing slurries are the best at removing metal and polishing the edge. For my experience, they are superior to the "green" metal polishing compound in that they work much faster and effectively. I use the strops and slurry for finishing the polish on the edges of my knives, but also restoring a nice edge on my wood working hand plane irons and chisels. I used mostly the 1 micron slurry, but I am going to experiment with the finer slurries.I plan on setting up leathers for each slurry size.

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  Good strop, but....
Posted By: Cameron - verified customer
2 people found this review helpful

For my intended use, this product does the job and I love that it only cost $15. There are two problems I encountered that are not negatively impacting my experience with this strop, but a prospective buyer with a different intended application might find the circumstances annoying or disappointing. First, the magnetic backing peeled off after two uses, a week or two after I bought it. Second, the strop has cupped.

It's a cheap product, so I don't necessarily expect longevity and really don't mind the issues, but a prospective buyer relying on a magnetic paddle might be annoyed, and someone buying their first stop might be setting themselves up for a poor experience. I'm just going to glue the strop to a flat piece of tile or wood and call it a day.

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  Great product
Posted By: Mark Hosny - verified customer

I used to use a honing rod, but now I prefer this method. Just a few passes on both sides yields great results that I find is better and more consistent. Thank you, Mark, for your advice and recommending this product.

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  Good for the price
Posted By: Matt Jacobs - verified customer

I love the CKTG magnetic strop system. I had been using the denim strop and
wanted to try the leather. This one does an ok job but there are some high spots in the leather. They show up as graying dots. It does an ok job but not as good of quality as everything else i have purchased from here.

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Posted By: Francois - verified customer

Got the magnetic base a couple a years ago and my first strop have since suffered a lot with my first unexperienced uses of it. So a got another one… That last finishing touch gives a truly remarkable edge to all of my knives. Cannot sharpen without it. I like the magnetic part of it… very stable.

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Posted By: MIchael F - verified customer

Super fast delivery. Just as described. Excellent customer support.

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Posted By: Michael B - verified customer

Love it!!!!

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  good deal
Posted By: Chris - verified customer

We needed it, it works. Good deal in this day and age when finding a piece of leathers not as easy as it once was.

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  Fast service
Posted By: John Little - verified customer

Will buy from them again

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  Leather Strop
Posted By: John - verified customer

This is a real good strop and the price is right.

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  Knife guards and 3x11 strop
Posted By: John Arnett - verified customer

Strop is pristine (along w/5micron paste) I get a highly polished blade. The plastic guards are sturdy make carrying my bag really safe.

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  Bovine strop 3x11 Inch
Posted By: Daniel Rodriguez - verified customer

This is the second bovine strop I bought from mark because my other one was cut into pretty badly but there is nothing bad to say about this strip it's hard enough to not accidentally put a overly convex edge on your knives but still soft enough to take the geometry of your knife and it works great by itself and especially when loaded with 1 micron elmision it puts a hair shaving sharp edge on it and quickly touches up my aogami super and white

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