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Shapton Glass Stones

Shapton Glass Stones

Shapton ceramic sharpening stones combine extremely fast cutting action with low maintenance that combine surface uniformity; stability; and abrasive quality.

Shapton offers two lines of sharpening stones: the Ceramic on Tempered Glass (GlassStone) Series, and the Professional Series. The GlassStone series features a layer of the highest quality ceramic sharpening matrix bonded to a polished tempered glass base, whereas the Professional series features a homogeneous ceramic sharpening matrix. These quality stones do not need to be soaked in water; simply splash some on and start sharpening. These stones measure 210mm x 70mm (8.27in. x 2.76in.); the GlassStones are 10mm (~0.5in) thick, and the Professional stones are 15mm (0.59 in) thick.

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