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Shapton GlassStone 8000 Grit
Shapton GlassStone 8000 Grit Shapton GlassStone 8000 Grit
Shapton GlassStone 8000 GritShapton GlassStone 8000 Grit

Shapton GlassStone 8000 Grit

Item #: 50203

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Our Price: $85.00
Straight razor users consider the 8k edge the coarsest edge that will shave comfortably. This Shapton Glass 8k water stone would be a great choice whether the razorís edge you are putting on is going on a straight razor, a kitchen knife, or a shop tool. Shapton Glass stones are noted for their high hardness which lends itself to more precise edges, slower dishing, and longer stone life. The Shapton Glass stones also have great reputations for cutting very quickly and being extremely easy to use since they only need a splash of water to get to work, no soaking required. These stones are bonded to tempered glass and measure 210mm ◊ 70mm ◊ 11mm (8 1/4" ◊ 2 3/4" ◊ 7/16") with 5mm of usable abrasive thickness. Each stone weighs about 14 oz (400g).

Customer Reviews


8 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
  Nice Sharpening Stone, May 11, 2017
Posted By: Patrick McCormick - verified customer

I was hesitant to go with this stone at first. It seemed like a lot of money for a fairly thin amount of material. However, when I began to work with it, I immediately understood why. It cuts quite quickly for its fine grit level and does not need to shed anywhere as much material as typical water stones. Much easier to keep flat & really looks fantastic on the glass backing. Highly recommended.

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  Amazing, August 1, 2016
Posted By: Nicholas - verified customer

A fantastic finishing stone. Very easy to use even in a restaurant as it is splash and go. Will get a mirror finish if done properly.

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  Great finishing stone, July 7, 2016
Posted By: nicholas schubert - verified customer

For most double bevel knife, this is the final stone you need in your sharpening progression. Great stone, just like all Shapton product.

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  Plenty of polish!, February 28, 2015
Posted By: Max S. - verified customer

There are 2 general glass stone set ups to get a nice polish and a good edge. The Shapton recommended way to is go: 500-2k-16k which works great, Mark's site recommends you go: 500-1k-4k and then 8k if you so choose. this 8k stone is PLENTY, you need not go any further. Leaves a nice enough polish for fine kitchen knives, and pocket knives alike. I don't like going any finer than this, or maybe a 1 micron stone. At this high level of refinement, ultra fine stones become more expensive, and less efficient than simply stropping, IMHO. I like to start stropping anywhere from 1micron to about .5 micron, so for me this 8k is about as far as I like to go stone wise. Right after this I hit a strop or two and things are right where they should be. the 8k is where its at! Mirror polish!

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  Product Review, December 28, 2011
Posted By: charles - verified customer

i recieved the grey version,it leaves a less than mirrored finish.still great for a keen edge maker.

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  Product Review, August 4, 2011
Posted By: jmbullman - verified customer

Great stone if you want to make this your final polish.

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  Product Review, March 7, 2011
Posted By: EJ - verified customer

Excellent stone. Still cuts well and leaves a very nice finish.

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  Product Review, September 25, 2009
Posted By: Socrates7 - verified customer

Compact and affordable, but not my favorite stone in this grit range. Great to add to a travel kit and will touch up your edge very nicely. So-so as a polishing stone, but will not create mirror bright.

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