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Shapton GlassStone 320 Grit
Shapton GlassStone 320 Grit

Shapton GlassStone 320 Grit

Item #: 50301

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Our Price: $55.00
Whether you own the 120 grit Shapton Glass stone and need to segue to a medium grit stone or simply need a coarse stone to do a makeover on your favorite knife, the Shapton Glass 320 grit water stone offers outstanding performance in a very convenient package. The Shapton Glass line of stones has an outstanding reputation for cutting quickly, producing precise edges, and wearing slowly. The Shapton Glass stones are perhaps most prized for their splash and go convenience, no soaking required to get started and minimal water to clean up when the session is done. This ceramic stone is mounted to a glass backing plate. The stone measures 210mm x 70mm x 5mm with the glass mounting plate adding an additional 5mm of thickness.

Customer Reviews


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  Shapton Glass Stone 320, November 28, 2021
Posted By: Jim Humphrey

The best coarse stone I have ever used. Quick to raise a burr (a minute a side). It feels good using it. And I have read that it is a long lasting stone that won't dish like other softer stones..

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  Best stones, April 11, 2019
Posted By: Pietro - verified customer

The Glass 320 stone is great, it's a fast cutter and wears slow for a 320 grit. The pro 320 is a great stone as well, but when sharpened on you can see the stone wearing and making a mess everywhere, and the pro doesnt feel nearly as good as the glass 320. The Glass 320 while you can still see it wearing does so at a much slower pace. I bought two of them cause I was worried it was going to wear out on me really quick and I liked the stone a lot, but after dozens and dozens of sharpening I've lost about a 10th of a millimeter of stone.

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  Wonderful , December 22, 2017
Posted By: Marcello - verified customer

I wish I bought this years ago. It will put a shaving edge on any blade in a short time. What a pleasure to use.

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  Product Review, July 5, 2012
Posted By: Troy - verified customer

Great stone that I use on every knife for the first sharpening. It is easy to use and removes plenty of material while still producing an edge ready for a 1000 grit stone.

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  Product Review, May 8, 2012
Posted By: Shaun - verified customer

Absolutely a beast of a stone. This will cut fast enough but you'll still be able to jump straight to the 1k after this without a 500 stone. Highly recommended if you don't own anything below 1,000 grit. If you have a 500 stone then a 220 would be the next lower stone. If you have a 120 or 220, the 320 is perfect to follow those up and get ready for 1,000. Very fast cutter, even without slurry, unlike the 220 and 120.

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