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Shapton Sharpening Stone Holder
Shapton Sharpening Stone Holder

Shapton Sharpening Stone Holder

Item #: 50200

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Our Price: $116.00
The Shapton Stone Holder is an excellent addition to any Shapton Glass set of sharpening stones. The base’s slip-resistant feet make for a stable sharpening surface while the added height is more ergonomic and affords additional knuckle clearance. The base is sized to work with the Shapton Sharpening Pond for easier clean up and also pairs with the Shapton Glass Diamond Lapping Plate for flattening dished stone surfaces. As freehand sharpening causes fatigue while rewarding consistency, making the workstation more ergonomic is an often overlooked way to improve the effectiveness of sharpening sessions--but not in this case.

It measures 10 inches long, 3 3/8 inches wide and 2 1/4 inches tall and weighs a hefty 4.5 pounds.

Customer Reviews


9 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
  Shapton Sharpening Stone Holder
Posted By: SteveH

It’s simply the best stone holder there is, period. It’s also the correct size for most of rhe full bench size Naniwas, but I have not tried all the Naniwa series with it.

If you have shorter stones or Japanese koppas, you can simply flip a Glass Stone over and lay a piece of non-slip plastic shelf/drawer liner on the back of the Glass Stone, and almost any size stone will work.

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  Shapton Sharpening Stone Holder (Heavy one)
Posted By: Steve - verified customer

A great holder for the Shapton Glass stones or any other standard bench length stone. Heavy, doesn't move. You can increase the versatility of it easily by cutting some no-slip poly shelf liner the size of a Shapton Glass stone, flipping the stone over in the base and putting the shelf liner own top. Now you can use irregular or short stones with it like a rubber block.

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Posted By: Chris

Five years ago I bought a ~20 dollar stone holder. It was such garbage: bad grip, ruined the edges of my stones. It left such a bad taste in my mouth that I rejected stone holders all together: instead using wet towels and rubber sheets..

Relatively recently, I decided to give the Shapton stone holder a try. Wow. Now that's a stone holder. Looks great, performs even better. The weight and grip of this stone holder so incredible, I can put the holder on a wet, slippery glass backing angled at 25 degrees and this thing still locks in like a strong magnet, without moving even a mm. Clearance for knife handles and knuckles is also superb (especially handy for sharpening smaller knives).

I love this thing and am seriously considering buying a spare one.

Made in Japan.

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  a must for every glasstone owner
Posted By: nicholas schubert - verified customer

This is a must for every glasstone owner, it's heavy, stable and provide plenty of knuckle clearance. I also used it to raise my natural stone and it works well and prevents the stone from moving, even if they are smaller than the shapton glasstone.

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  Buy it
Posted By: Max S. - verified customer

Man this thing is great. The shapton system is wonderful. Glass stones lock in like a magnet to a refrigerator. This holder will work with your Shapton pro stones too. I found I had to grind off just a little bit from the ends of my pro stones to allow for a perfect fit. It is so heavy, and sticks to everything. Also it looks very cool. I highly recommend this product and I think it is worth the money. The only complaint I have is the most obvious one, it is not adjustable so some stones may not fit!

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  Product Review
Posted By: Latin Lovin' Eaitn' Grubbin' - verified customer

Just picked up this holder and it was a gem. My glass stones fit perfectly and didn't even slip. This is a must have. Also it arrived quickly. Thanks again!-LLEG

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  Product Review
Posted By: Mike Fairleigh - verified customer

The Shapton holder is the perfect base to hold Glassstones. It's heavy, stable, grips the stones well, and cleans nicely.

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  Product Review
Posted By: WLM - verified customer

This holder makes using the Glasstones very convenient. Tt holds the stones securely, yet it's easy to swap stones. Rock solid on the bench while sharpening!

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  Product Review
Posted By: Loren Fry - verified customer

I really enjoy the holder. It is well worth the wait for the manufacturer to improved the product. I also appreciated being kept up to date on the status during this improvement period.

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