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Shapton GlassStone 2000 Grit
Shapton GlassStone 2000 Grit

Shapton GlassStone 2000 Grit

Item #: 50302

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Our Price: $70.00
This 2k stone from the Shapton Glass line makes an outstanding choice for a wide range of users. As the Shapton Glass stones are designed to sharpen the most modern and abrasion resistant steels on the market the stones are very fast cutting. With quick cutting speed, most users can use the 2k stone between a coarse stone like the 500 grit and a fine stone like a 6k stone. For users who need to cut the toughest of steels they can shorten the distance between stones by plugging the 2k in between a 1k and 4k making for short and effective sharpening sessions. The Shapton Glass stones are hard stones that produce extremely precise edges while wearing slowly. The stones are also extremely convenient to use since they do not require soaking, just a splash of water. The stone is mounted to a glass backing plate. The stone without the plate measures 210mm x 70mm x 5mm, the glass plate adds 5mm to the thickness.

Customer Reviews


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  Best all-around stone for all chefs
Posted By: Andy

I've been using this stone for the past 11+ years, purchased from this website. I'm a cook at a Japanese restaurant and my stone still has so much life left. I feel like at the rate I'm sharpening my knives and how durable this stone is, this stone will last me my lifetime.

The cutting power is very good, it feels almost like a 1k King stone but the material of the stone does not wear as fast as a King. Out of this, King, Naniwa, and a random Japanese natural whetstone, I've come to prefer this stone as my go-to.

For every chef or cook out there, this stone is a great all-around stone for touching up your knives. I use only one stone, this stone, as all my knives have the correct bevel already set. Very simple and fast sharpening sessions and very predictable results.

To any new cooks looking to build up their kit, I highly recommend investing in this stone as your primary stone, a DMT diamond stone to surface flatten this Shapton and a rubber whetstone holder. Honestly that's all you need, and most likely all you'll ever need for your lifetime - unless you mess up your stone by user error.

To experienced cooks and chefs, I'd highly recommend asking around to see if you could try this whetstone out from fellow chefs. Definitely recommended if your current stone isn't giving you consistent results.

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  Shapton Glass stone
Posted By: Kevin McGee - verified customer

Excellent sharpening stone.

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  Love it.
Posted By: Mark - verified customer

Shapton glass stones are becoming my favorite.

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  Sharpening stone
Posted By: liviu potra - verified customer

The best stone you can buy

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  Product Review
Posted By: ian rogers - verified customer

Great product in my line up of sharpening stones. Highly recommend.

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  Product Review
Posted By: Dan B. - verified customer

ordered this stone to fill in between the 800 and 6000 grit combo stone I have. the stone cut really well and fast and the feed back is great. my experience is limited as I am fairly new to hand sharpening. is it possible to say that the look of this stone is quite classy?

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  Product Review
Posted By: Shaun - verified customer

This stone is fast and leaves a wicked good edge. For German knives, this is as far as I go. A Japanese knife will take this edge and keep it for a long time. 2000 grit Shapton is enough to make your factory edge seem dull. This stone can also be great for upkeep in between major sharpening. Very highly recommended.

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