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Yamashin White #1 Nakiri 165mm
Yamashin White #1 Nakiri 165mm Yamashin White #1 Nakiri 165mmYamashin White #1 Nakiri 165mm
Yamashin White #1 Nakiri 165mm Yamashin White #1 Nakiri 165mmYamashin White #1 Nakiri 165mm

Yamashin White #1 Nakiri 165mm

Item #: YS-NA165W-OW

Average Customer Rating:
(4 out of 5 based on 10 reviews)

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Our Price: $80.00
Yamashin White #1 Nakiri 165mm. This authentic Japanese traditional kitchen knife line features hand-forged double-layer white-paper steel blade (white #1) but is very reasonably priced. These are every day kitchen knives that many good cooks love to use in Japan. They sharpen really well and hold a nice edge. The grinds on these knives for the money are impressive which makes them a great overall value. If you've never tried a good Japanese knife and don't want to spend a ton of money these would be an excellent choice. Care for carbon steel knives is simple. Just wipe them dry after you use them and don't let water or acid linger on the blade. The knife will patina over time adding to the great rustic look of these knives. These knives now come with an upgraded walnut handle with black pakka wood ferrule.

  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Blade Length: 170 mm
  • Overall Length: 310 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.3 mm
  • Blade Height: 55 mm

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    1  Yamashin White #1, January 29, 2020
    Posted By: Jesse Peterson - verified customer

    After diligently working with this knife for 3 weeks trying to figure out the best angle to sharpen this knife on to keep its edge has left me highly frustrated. I have had this knife on the wet stone at least twice a week and only after a half hour of use the edge has gone and left it close to useless. Not even a honing rod helps maintain the edge during use. I am not sure if it is this exact knife I have that is so poor or maybe it was the heat treatment on this individual, I am no expert. I would not recommend this knife to a novice person to carbon steel. In my opinion this knife is really disappointing.

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    5  Love it!, January 21, 2020
    Posted By: DJ Martinez - verified customer

    I'm just jumping into the world of Japanese chef knives, and it seems like I made a fantastic choice with both this knife and the finish sharpening service offered by CKTG. I absolutely loved everything about my purchase experience and I've loved using this knife so far. I'm looking forward to using it for a long time and for a lot more business with CKTG.

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    5  Great Chopper, August 14, 2019
    Posted By: Matt

    I have owned this knife for a year and a half now. Absolutely love the knife. Fun to sharpen and the edge holds longer than expected. Using it daily for at home use I touch it up on a 4000 grit stone every 1 to 2 weeks. Only problem is when other people use it and don't understand that it needs to be wiped down immediately after use. I am very happy with it melts through the veggies with ease.

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    5  Great knife , January 21, 2019
    Posted By: Rene MagaŮa - verified customer

    Great knife, and sharp out of the box. Itís my 3rd knife from CKTG! Highly recommend their products

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    2  Bleeding patina, December 18, 2018
    Posted By: Peter

    Although this is my first carbon steel knife I have done quite a bit of research on proper care and maintenance. After using the knife for under a month the prima on the knife is wearing down and sometimes bleeding into the shallots Iím cutting as well as some of my lettuces. Iím making sure to wipe my knife every time Iím done using it. Love the style of blade but really disappointed with the fact that Iím not able to use it at work anymore

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    5  Awesome, June 4, 2017
    Posted By: Christopher - verified customer

    amazing, passed it a few times on the stone out of the box and it was amazing.

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    5  very nice for the money, January 3, 2017
    Posted By: Eric P - verified customer

    It took me a bit to warm up to this knife. It performed well OOTB, but I decided to take it to the stones to make it even better. After much effort, I was left with an inferior edge and couldn't figure out how to make it better. Demoralized, I decided to give it another go with a slightly higher angle and more gentle pressure after appealing to the CKTG forums for tips. Now the knife is a great performer that takes a wicked edge! Fit and finish aren't exemplary, but it doesn't get in the way of my enjoyment of this knife. Overall, a great value for the money.

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    4  Pleasently Surprised, November 17, 2016
    Posted By: Frank K - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Not my 1st carbon steel knife, but my first Japanese carbon steel Nakiri. F&F is very good for such an inexpensive knife. Handle is well done. Blade grind is fairly even, but edge contained large scratches. Kinda sharp OOTB, not great. Sharpened and polished on a 1K/6K stone with a little stropping in the end produced an extremely sharp edge. The kurouchi finish on the blade appears well done, although I could do without the lacquer.Al in all, I am pleased with the quality for the price, and more than pleased with the prompt service of CKTG. Have used the Nakiri everyday since receiving it and enjoy the edge holding ability of the aogami #1 steel.

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    5  Excellent Value, February 7, 2016
    Posted By: Scott Dillman - verified customer

    This Nakiri, while not winning beauty contests in the kitchen, is still a fantastic dependable vegetable prep machine! I'm a lead cook at a small retreat center that caters to many special diets. I was looking for a fast veggie chopper for a long vegetarian retreat and this Yamashin fits the bill nicely. I rounded the spine with sandpaper as it was a little sharp, and gave the edge a quick sharpen on a 6000 grit stone and a leather strop with .5 micron diamond paste. After that the weight of the knife melted through boxes of zuccinni, carrots, celery and onions. If you are looking for a dependable entry level nakiri that won't break your heart of some helpful staffer decides to use right on a hard counter this is for you.

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    4  Product Review, January 7, 2014
    Posted By: Austin - verified customer

    Amazing value and a true workhorse.See a more in depth review here:

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