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Kohetsu SLD

Kohetsu SLD

Kohetsu SLD Steel knives. Kohetsu is a name that loosely translates to "bring happiness and pleasure" or just "be happy." We hope these knives will do just that for you. Kohetsu knives are about bringing you the best cutting performance using the top steels on the market with impeccable heat treatment and nice, thin grinds at an affordable price. This line has taken us over a year to develop and we think the effort has been worth it. Once you try a Kohetsu we hope it brings you years of cutting pleasure.

SLD steel by Hitachi is an excellent steel for kitchen knives. The steel is hard, tough, and strong against wearing. Hitachi has improved it for better work and longer life, and named it SLD. The main chemical composition is: C 1.4-1.6%, Cr 11.0-13.0%, Mo 0.8-1.2%, and V 0.2-0.50%. Generally, the steels which contain Cr 13.0% or more are called stainless steel. SLD has close to 13.0% Cr and is fairly resistant to rust. Due to high carbon, about 1.5%, the HRC after heat-treating reaches about 61-62.

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