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Konosuke HD2 Gyuto 240mm
Konosuke HD2 Gyuto 240mm Konosuke HD2 Gyuto 240mmKonosuke HD2 Gyuto 240mmKonosuke HD2 Gyuto 240mm
Konosuke HD2 Gyuto 240mmKonosuke HD2 Gyuto 240mmKonosuke HD2 Gyuto 240mmKonosuke HD2 Gyuto 240mm

Konosuke HD2 Gyuto 240mm

Item #: KHD2-G240

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Our Price: $319.00
The Konosuke HD2 Gyuto Ho 240mm is the best selling gyuto in the CKTG store. Why? Well, everything about this fine instrument screams quality of design and execution. Starting with the ultra light weight of just 136g. Add to this the unbelievably thin grind and screaming out of the box edge. This knife easily earns the title of laser while defining the saying ďa knife through butter." The Konosuke HD Gyuto simply falls through food with an ease that very few blades can achieve and one that almost defies description. The lightweight and slightly shorter blade (than other 240s) give this knife a very different feel which might at first surprise users of more conventional designs. It is slightly blade-forward but so light that this feels different to other blade-heavy designs. In fact, blade heavy is a misnomer when describing this wonderful tool. The subtly convex blade is a thing of simple beauty. Slice into a soft tomato or other produce and be prepared to be amazed.

An iconic blade that is super thin, offering outstanding performance and ease of maintenance. This is a knife you simply must try.

Please note that Konosuke gaps the handle and exposes the shoulders of the machi. This is called Tokyo Style and is intentional. See photo 4 for a look at this.

  • Maker: Konosuke
  • Location: Sakai, Japan
  • Steel: HD2 Mono Steel Construction
  • Height above heel: 48.3mm
  • Spine thickness at heel: 2.3mm
  • Spine at middle of blade: 1.75mm
  • Spine 1cm from tip: 65mm
  • Blade length heel to tip: 236mm
  • Weight: 4.8 oz (136g)
  • Handle: Ho Octagonal
  • Ferrule: Buffalo Horn
  • Please note Konosuke intentionally gaps handle and machi for aesthetics
  • Edge: 50/50

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      the consummate gyuto, November 25, 2018
    Posted By: michael kelly
    1 people found this review helpful

    this is a superior laser gyuto. It sharpens easily and takes an exquisite edge, holding it long and well. The HDII 240mm takes on all fruit, veg. & protein prep with panache. For hard stuff, like kabocha or hubbard squash, I use my Richmond ultimatum 245mm S30V---no prob.. The best yet after years of use and many others tried. Thank you Mark & Susan

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      This thing makes scalpels feel clumsy. , July 16, 2018
    Posted By: C - verified customer

    Not sure this will take over as my primary knife. I'm attached to a beefier Masahiro carbon as a workhorse and a Takeda for detail. Still getting used to to this -- it feels very delicate. But for precision work, this is pretty well perfect. It really rewards good technique.

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