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Kanehiro AS Gyuto 240mm
Kanehiro AS Gyuto 240mm Kanehiro AS Gyuto 240mm Kanehiro AS Gyuto 240mm Kanehiro AS Gyuto 240mm
Kanehiro AS Gyuto 240mm Kanehiro AS Gyuto 240mm Kanehiro AS Gyuto 240mm Kanehiro AS Gyuto 240mm

Kanehiro AS Gyuto 240mm

Item #: D-506

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CKTG Gyuto Saya 240mm B
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When the Kanehiro AS 240mm gyuto was introduced to Chef Knives To Go, there were few knives offering Hitachi Aogami Super carbon steel, a premier cutlery steel, coupled with the convenience of stainless steel cladding. Today enthusiasts and pros are more spoiled for choice in knives with this construction but the Kanehiro remains a favorite. The Kanehiro has earned a reputation for outstanding performance in high volume applications coupled with attractive, rustic aesthetics. These are handmade knives so dimensions may vary.

  • Weight: 6.6 ounces
  • Blade Length: 242 mm
  • Overall Length: 393 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.2 mm
  • Blade Height: 51.1 mm
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    Product Reviews

    5  Love this knife, January 28, 2019
    Posted By: Cosmin - verified customer

    Amazing knife. I'm very happy. An excellent workhorse.good allround knife

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    5  It's a good sharp ootb knife, July 6, 2018
    Posted By: Mk - verified customer

    Good knife large but nimble. Legthwise as big as my misono 270mm sujihiki. Nimble enough to mince garlic. Not too heavy but has some heft to it.

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    5  Love it, December 13, 2017
    Posted By: Dave - verified customer

    First off, the fit and finish on the kanehiro 240 are top notch. The kanji is beautiful and a true work of art on its own. Aside from the looks, the knife is an absolute joy to use. Ive always preferred a knife with a flatter profile, and I was hesitant to take the chance and go with a knife that had a little bit more belly to it. Boy am I glad I gave it a shot. Im absolutely in love with this knife. My new preferred profile is...the kanehiro 240. Its just that nice. Thick enough at the heel to be a workhorse yet thin enough at the tip to execute precision cuts. This thing can glide through a case of onions/carrots/celery and go right into finely brunoised shallots. The AS steel takes a wicked edge and holds it. I finish sharpening with a 5K stone and then strop with diamond loaded balsa and finish with a cow leather. The result is frightening.

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    4  My First Japanese Knife, July 20, 2017
    Posted By: David S. - verified customer

    This is my first Japanese style chef knife and I've been enjoying it quite a bit. The balance point is slightly in front of a pinch grip which lends a bit of heft to chopping. The choil area is nicely rounded and is very comfortable. The handle is nice to look at and is a comfortable size, but feels like it could use a bit more sanding to get the wood to be totally smooth. The grind is nice and thin behind the cutting edge and food release has been good. The blade has no discernible flex. The profile has a gentle curve along the entire cutting edge.The out of the box edge was sharp (smoothly sliced news print and shaved hair), but not particularly well executed. Examination with a microscope revealed a lot of imperfections (irregular scratch pattern and lots of micro-teeth). It is absolutely usable out of the box, but an experienced sharpener could certainly do better.Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase. This will not be my last knife from CKTG.

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    5  Outstanding, May 18, 2017
    Posted By: Scott - verified customer

    If I could only have one knife, this would be it. This knife maker does my absolute favorite rendition of Aogami Super. Perfect heat treat lends to easy and fairly pleasurable sharpening, screaming sharp edge, and unbelievable retention. I used this knife for the entire last week at work, came home and honed on a ceramic rod and it shaved arm hair and cut paper towel (!). The nashiji is beautiful, and the hand chiseled kanji really has to be seen in person. The Kanehiro is thin at the edge; and while is ground to be a workhorse, does possess some laser-like attributes. It is definitely thicker than both the Koishi or Yuki (all Kato as well) I've handled. I will say that the profile OOTB had just a touch more belly than I love, which I knew when I purchased. Great handle. I've been in this business my whole life, and have handled a fair amount of both European and Japanese knives, and this one really can do it all. Will easily break down a case of onions, potatoes, carrots, celery, and mushrooms. Pass it on a ceramic rod, then brunoise shallot for mignonette, and fine chiffonade herbs. Slices proteins like butter. I've used this knife extensively for well over a year now. It something ever happened to it I would buy another immediately. This one just resonates with me in a way that is hard to describe. Not one to be passed over for the flashier Koishi in my opinion. "Made by Kintaro"

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    5  Perfeita, January 10, 2017
    Posted By: Jorge Casal - verified customer

    Esta faca atende a todas as expectativas. Alm do estilo e da esttica impecvel, possui uma funcionalidade a toda prova, tanto no que diz respeito ao tamanho (ideal para quem lida com carne) quanto no que se refere ao fio, impressionante, o que gera a confiana necessria para efetuar o corte certo e preciso.

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    5  its good, July 11, 2016
    Posted By: James - verified customer

    Bought this knife after reading over the forums - was a good decision. I enjoy using it. Wasnt to pricey but was of very high quality. Perfect length for cleaning meat.

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    5  Work Horse, June 15, 2016
    Posted By: Robert - verified customer

    I bought this knife a couple of years ago and have not put it down since. I work as a Banquet Chef and use this knife for hours at a time. It keeps it edge for days under heave use. And when it does need sharpening I just use a finish stone and hone the edge back to perfection. The only negative thing I have to say was the hollow ground area of the stainless cladding was very rough. But with a little work I was able to polish smooth. If you work professionally or just like nice thing to work with, you will not be disappointed with this knife.

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    5  Product Review, August 6, 2014
    Posted By: Matt - verified customer

    This was my first high-end Japanese chef's knife, recommended by a chef friend on the bladeforums I frequent. I got tired of the Shun, Wustof and other household brand kitchen knife sets. They bored me, and there was just nothing special about maintaining or using them. They could hold a nice edge but nothing like the Kanehiro. I found the Kanehiro to be an absolute pleasure to use, and to top it of it has great looks and is easy to put a nice edge on. Sure, it will require a bit more maintenance than your average stainless steel kitchen knives, but if you want something special that makes cooking and food prep more enjoyable, this is it. Recommended!

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    4  Product Review, December 29, 2013
    Posted By: JoshK - verified customer

    This is a beautiful knife. It came recommended on forums and felt very comfortable cooking for hours with out the box. Was very disappointed after finding the tip had chipped off when preparing Thanksgiving dinner, a week after receiving blade, even with extremely careful care. Guess I'll be sharpening sooner than expected.

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    5  Product Review, November 24, 2013
    Posted By: Robert S. - verified customer

    I made a decision a few weeks ago to replace my knives, (globals, shuns, kikuichis, glestains) and this is my very first knife of this caliber. Excellent knife, I love it. After I put MY edge on it, this knife has become thee one I use consistently without thinking about reaching for another. It has opened my eyes to the small company, handcrafting blacksmiths that are producing wicked knives. Some cooks would treasure a knife like this and baby it. Not me, it has become a stepping stone and most likely a beater, for my colleagues to use so they can experience true craftsmanship, while they watch me piece together a stunning collection of knives made up of various core medals and different blacksmith signatures. The guys here at CKTG are top notch. I jumped into the forum and asked a question about which blacksmith I should go with for a particular knife, and hairs ended getting split. Way above and beyond what I was expecting. It was a tremendous help and I will continue to purchase and piece together my collection from CKTG.

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    5  Product Review, June 18, 2013
    Posted By: Brandon Foster - verified customer

    Awesome knife for the price, and I am happy that I purchased it. I have had it for just over six months now and it is my go to knife for almost everything that I do. Easy to sharpen, and it retains its sharpness well over time. I love this knife and would recommend it to any professional chef that is willing to take a little extra care; keeping it dry and not dropping it. *Note* This knife will chip if dropped. I had it for a week before I tipped it and had to regrind a new one. The good news is that it only took a few minutes to do on a good #1000 grit water stone.

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    5  Product Review, May 6, 2012
    Posted By: Rich - verified customer

    Impressive work horse gyuto in AS steel. Razor sharp out of the box, and holds an edge extremely well. Have run it over a 1k and 2k Shapton glass stone, and found it unusually easy to sharpen for steel that has this kind of staying power. Probably a best buy in Japanese gyutos.

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    5  Product Review, March 1, 2012
    Posted By: brandon - verified customer

    first off chefknivestogo has the fastest service of any company i have ever ordered from for anything, i placed my order on saturday and had my knife wednesday, anyways the knife AWESOME there is nothing else you can really say about it very light for the size and scary sharp. i own many different knives, shun 8 chef knife (great knife), i also own a few german steel knives (junk), after buying my shun i was already kinda hooked on japanese knives from that but after this one i will ONLY buy japanese knives the quality is just way better than anything else out there, i have put this knife through alot from cutting meats, fruits, vegetables, and even slicing bread yes slicing bread and yes i have a bread knife but this slices bread pretty good for being a straight blade

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    5  Product Review, December 6, 2011
    Posted By: Art - verified customer

    Beautiful knife. A true classic. The video of it being sharpened is perfect. Note the bandaged index finger. Nuff said?

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    5  Product Review, November 7, 2011
    Posted By: Aaron - verified customer

    If you are looking for a work horse gyuto than you really don't need to look any more. The Kanehiro is simply an awesome knife. Great steel (AS) clad in stainless, a bit of a belly so it's good for rocking but still very good at chopping. The edge retention is very good, even with a high polish it can still take a beating and come back for more. All around a great knife. And the usual great service from Mark.

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