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Kanehiro Knives

Kanehiro Knives

We have been searching for a blacksmith or small company to make a wa-handled equivalent of the popular Hiromoto knives. Kanehiro knives are offering just such a knife and we're happy to add their knives to our site. These knives feature Aogami Super steel on the core and the knife is then clad with stainless stainless steel to protect most of the knife from reacting with acids or moisture.

These knives will only oxidize right along the edge. Knife sharpeners love Aogami Super steel because it takes an acute edge and holds it. The knives have high hardness of HRC 62-63. We also offer a similar line with Ginsan stainless steel that is equally attractive and cuts very well. Pictured is the owner of Kanehiro, Mr. Yoshimi Kato. He is Hiroshi Kato's son.

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