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Hatsukokoro White #2 Single Bevel Honesuki 150mm
Hatsukokoro White #2 Single Bevel Honesuki 150mm Hatsukokoro White #2 Single Bevel Honesuki 150mmHatsukokoro White #2 Single Bevel Honesuki 150mm
Hatsukokoro White #2 Single Bevel Honesuki 150mmHatsukokoro White #2 Single Bevel Honesuki 150mmHatsukokoro White #2 Single Bevel Honesuki 150mm

Hatsukokoro White #2 Single Bevel Honesuki 150mm

Item #: HAW2-H150

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(5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews)

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Our Price: $185.00
Hatsukokoro's Shirasagi ("egret") Single Bevel knives are produced by Myojin Riki Seisakusho in Tosa using White #2 steel.

The Hatsukokoro White #2 Honesuki 150mm is a single-bevel knife that is meant for right-handed users only. This is a great deal on a hard-to-find item that is made by a small blacksmith shop. It comes with a nice kasumi (polished) finish. The steel is White #2, which is an excellent quality carbon steel that needs to be wiped dry after hand washing to avoid rust. Once a patina forms, it will turn black and will become less reactive.

  • Brand: Hatsukokoro
  • Location: Tosa, Japan
  • Steel: Shirogami #2 (White #2)
  • Cladding: Iron
  • Finish: Kasumi
  • Edge Grind: Single-Bevel, Right-Handed Traditional
  • Engraving: Laser
  • Weight: 5.4 oz (152 g)
  • Blade Length: 145 mm
  • Total Length: 283 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 3.8 mm
  • Blade Height: 43.5 mm
  • Handle: Wenge Octagonal
  • Ferrule: Buffalo Horn

  • Customer Reviews


    1 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Simply Awesome
    Posted By: Newbie But Oldie

    This little knife is super awesome! I had looked around at other honesuki-style knives but ended up buying this single-beveled Hatsukokoro. I’ve always wanted a single-beveled knife because in theory, it’s sharper—not to mention it’s easier to sharpen since it has only one bevel/angle).

    Another reason why I really like this Hatsukokoro is that the thickness of the honesuki blade is perfect for what I wish to use it for; not too thick, not too thin. I needed a blade hefty enough to cut through minor/soft bones and cartridges, yet nimble enough for use as a petty. I also plan on using this as a steak knife but that has yet to be tested. Although, I’m sure it will shine flawlessly.

    Here are my other thoughts on the Hatsukokoro Single Bevel W2 Honesuki 150mm:

    Fit & Finish: 7 out of 10. Not the best polish on the blade; You can still see the diagonal scratches. There’s a decent polish on the blade but it is nowhere near a mirror finish. With that being said, I don’t mind the finish because this knife is to be used as a workhorse, not a Hutch/Curio Princess. Lastly, I’ve debated on whether I should or should not talk about the kanji (stamp/lettering/logo) on this knife. Because it bugs me, I’m going say give a quick review. The kanji is a bit crude and I don’t like it as much. Because it is so crude, it does not add to the aesthetic appeal. There’s no doubt that it was chiseled in by hand, which is a major plus. Nonetheless, maybe it’s just me, but I feel that this could look a lot better. In the end, it has nothing to do with performance.

    OOTB Sharpness: 6 out of 10. Because this is a high-quality edge, it’s OOTB sharpness may be sharper than some of the stamped knives in your drawers. However, OOTB sharpness is nothing to brag about. One will definitely need to hit it on some stones before going to town. When I first opened the box, it shamefully flunked the paper test. After slapping it with a Chosera 3000 and Shapton 8,000, “It will KEEL!”

    Handle: 9 out of 10. The handle quality for this honesuki is on par with other knives in this price range. There’s nothing fantastic yet nothing to complain about. Personally, I am biased towards the wa handles versus the western handles. Maybe in time, I’ll put a custom handle on it.

    Final thoughts/comments: Overall, I give this honesuki a 4.5-star rating. Even though I mention several of weak points, none of them has to do with performance, which was the whole reason why I purchased this particular knife. I needed something that I can use without any limitations (babying). Of course there aesthetically pleasing knives out there with super eye-catching beauty, but that’s not what I am aiming for with this purchase. It was all about performance and this Hatsukokoro fits the bill. I had used this knife to butcher a whole bull. I absolutely love it!!! I can’t wait to do more sides or beef, poultry, and pork!

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