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Daovua Leaf Spring Slicer 275mm
Daovua Leaf Spring Slicer 275mm Daovua Leaf Spring Slicer 275mmDaovua Leaf Spring Slicer 275mmDaovua Leaf Spring Slicer 275mm
Daovua Leaf Spring Slicer 275mm Daovua Leaf Spring Slicer 275mmDaovua Leaf Spring Slicer 275mmDaovua Leaf Spring Slicer 275mm

Daovua Leaf Spring Slicer 275mm

Item #: Daovua-Slicer

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews)

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Our Price: $75.00
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
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These Daovua knives are flying off the shelves as soon as we receive them. We started working with this fledgling Vietnamese company less than a year ago. Back then their first offerings were best described as project knives! But with our input and the blacksmith’s willingness to listen and learn, their quality has improved immensely.

The kurouchi finish is now very smooth and longer lasting. The grinding is far more sophisticated. And the handle is a vast improvement over the originals. These are now very acceptable knives with surprisingly good edge geometry. We are still amazed at how they take an edge after sharpening.

As the name suggests, the blades are made from old automotive leaf springs which, themselves, are usually made from 5160 carbon steel. This steel is highly regarded in the knife industry and many leading blacksmiths use leaf springs for their custom blades.

This is the Naht family's first attempt at a sujihiki and we are extremely pleased with the cutting performance. The heat treatment is also of a very respectable quality. Out of the box or with a quick trip to your stones, this knife will cut!

So if you are looking to enter the world of carbon steel knives or you want to get into sharpening, we highly recommend this fun and functional knife. Our customers are certainly responding very favorably for all the right reasons! Please remember these are made under crude conditions with used steel so you should expect that they're rough and have imperfections that exceed most of our other knives. Expect dents, scratches odd sizes, different handles etc. If you're into great fit and finish or are overly particular run away! If you want to try a cool piece of living history and you're not uptight about a crude but cool cutting tool than you'll love it.

  • Maker: Daovua
  • The Nhat Family (Barefoot Blacksmith)
  • Steel: Recycled Leaf Spring Carbon Steel
  • Location: Vietnam
  • Edge Length: 275mm (Sizes Vary)
  • Height: 36.5mm (Height Varies)
  • Weight: 6.5 Weight Varies)
  • Handle Varies but the current picture is what most of them look like
  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    4  Slicer, August 2, 2019
    Posted By: Drew

    for starters, i have well over 30 knives and have been a fine dining chef for 9 years so i’d like to say my opinion is credible.

    1) price is amazing. Slicers in general are not cheap and this comes with a cozy and fashionable handle. The blade itself is a little rustic, but the actual edge is decently sharp
    2) i recommend sharpening this on a 1000 grit stone and finishing on a leather strop with some diamond paste/spray
    3) overall gave it a 4 instead if a 5 because i didn’t thing it retained an edge for very long. My opinion may be harsh becAuse im used to working with zdp/ hap 40 steel knives so if you’re not using steels with hardness over 64 im sure it won’t be as apparent.

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    5  Great Price For Good Knife, July 3, 2019
    Posted By: Brett C - verified customer

    If your looking for a non traditional slicer that will need a little love from the wet stone I couldn't recommend any other. I got this beauty and immediately showed the line at work, now 3 out 7 line cooks have got their own and soon my sous chef will have his own. The knife is great, might need a little work but for this price its well worth it.

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    4  Good for the price , June 7, 2019
    Posted By: John - verified customer

    I bought it with no expectations as it was only $75. You get what you pay for with this. Fit and finish are better then expected. I personally like the raw finish of the knife. Handle is comfortable, blade design Is great. This knife is great as you won’t be chopping with it. Blade is straight as an arrow and razor sharp. I would recommend for the price.

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    5  Exactly what I was looking for!, May 5, 2019
    Posted By: Will S

    Perfect for slicing, Came pretty sharp out of box aswell. Takes a surprisingly sharp edge and holds it well. Plus it's chunky so if it takes a dive, it may live! Highly recommended!

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