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Shibata Koutetsu R-2 Ko-Bunka 135mm
Shibata Koutetsu R-2 Ko-Bunka 135mm Shibata Koutetsu R-2 Ko-Bunka 135mmShibata Koutetsu R-2 Ko-Bunka 135mmShibata Koutetsu R-2 Ko-Bunka 135mm
Shibata Koutetsu R-2 Ko-Bunka 135mmShibata Koutetsu R-2 Ko-Bunka 135mmShibata Koutetsu R-2 Ko-Bunka 135mmShibata Koutetsu R-2 Ko-Bunka 135mm

Shibata Koutetsu R-2 Ko-Bunka 135mm

Item #: SKR2-KB135

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Our Price: $210.00
We are proud to offer the first knives designed and crafted by Takayuki Shibata of Fukayuma City, Hiroshima. The Shibata Kotetsu line of knives are made using a core of R-2 stainless powder steel covered with an outer layer of a softer stainless alloy. The inner core is hardened to a HRC rating of 62-63. This 2-steel combination is easier to sharpen, keeps its edge longer, and it resists damage better.

This good looking ko-bunka is a perfect example of the fine grind and extremely well done fit and finish exemplified by the Kotetsu line. These are thin blades designed with a fairly constant spine thickness almost to the tip. And speaking of tips, the unusual pointed tip of all Shibata-sanís knives are inspired by the bow of Japanís first ironclad warship. It has a generous blade height for extra finger clearance. The spine of the knife has a very high mirror polish. This maximizes friction between your fingers and the blade, for better control, comfort, and safety.

The short length of the ko (short) bunka results in a very nimble and quick cutter. The laser grind and superb out-of-the-box edge further emphasize the excellent cutting and slicing abilities of this compact and beautifully finished knife.

If you look at the 3rd photo you can see a carrot sliced on the right was cut by a good, but ordinary, kitchen knife. The slice on the left was cut by a Shibata Koutetsu.

  • Weight: 3.0 oz (86 g)
  • Edge Length: 140 mm
  • Total Length: 267 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 2.0 mm
  • Blade Height: 39.2 mm
  • Please note the small name change to "Koutetsu" as of 6/11/2021

  • Customer Reviews


    4 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Amazing Knife
    Posted By: Gene - verified customer

    I bought this knife to fill the size-void in my knife set and, I'll admit, because the knife design really appealed to me. I was even more pleased when it arrived; not only were the aesthetics better than expected, but it has a great fit and finish as well as a very comfortable feel and nice weight. It is a really well designed knife, with the gradual spine-to-blade taper and slight curve making for a natural cutting
    motion. My wife, who would only use Western handled knives, started using this one and it quickly became one of her go-to knives due to its feel and performance. The non-reactive steel is nice to have and it has held its edge very well. The pointy tip means this knife isn't going to be for everyone, but I highly recommend it if this design works for your cutting style.

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      Perfect intermediate sized blade
    Posted By: Scott E. - verified customer

    I got the Shibata Ko-Bunka to complement the usual set of bird's beak, spear point, and sheep's foot paring knives for garniture and mukimono type stuff. I don't do this professionally, but carving food into flowers and fish and other such nonsense is hella fun if you have the time, and makes for a good conversation piece at your luau. I was specifically looking for something that was ground symmetrically and was non-reactive to avoid discoloring things like citrus peels and apples.After playing with the knife over a long weekend, I'm in love. The fit & finish are awesome, handle is tight and seamless, and the relieving on the spine and choil are works of art in themselves. Best of all the tip is needle sharp, and the blade moves through fibrous product like carrots and apples smoothly. I could also imagine using this if I needed a perfect mince on small stuff like shallots, garlic, or ginger, where paring knives are uncomfortable in my big mitts and my precision knife skills with a 240mm chef's knife are not up to the task. I'm more used to knives with Western handles, so owing to the shorter blade length, this is the first Wa-handled knife I've owned that has felt perfectly balanced to me. The length and weight of the blade is ideal for detail work. In general, I couldn't be more pleased, and the Shibata sayas with these knives are like hand-in-glove. Thanks again, CKTG!

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      Definitely a Keeper
    Posted By: Big Al - verified customer

    This one is definitely a keeper. Pros: love the tall (for a petty length) blade height. There is ample knuckle clearance so you don't have to cut at the edge of the cutting board if you have thicker fingers like me. OOTB sharpness was excellent. It was easily shaving my arm hair off. F&F was also excellent. No blemishes, glue residue, etc., and the edges are nicely finished/rounded. Cons: none that I can think of. Would purchase another Shibata without reservation.

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      Wished I would have bought sooner
    Posted By: Dave Pulliam - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    I have always wanted a smaller very sharp tall knife for times when a full size knife would be cumbersome. From working in a small area or working with smaller products this knife is fantastic. It has become my go to carrot knife as it's size is perfect for cutting carrots quickly and you can cut more before having to clear your cutting board. I love the shape and story behind it, it's not necessary but I like it even if I may poke myself a few more times. I'm already saving for a 210 to match it.

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