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Sakai White #2 Yanagiba 210mm
Sakai White #2 Yanagiba 210mm Sakai White #2 Yanagiba 210mmSakai White #2 Yanagiba 210mm
Sakai White #2 Yanagiba 210mmSakai White #2 Yanagiba 210mmSakai White #2 Yanagiba 210mm

Sakai White #2 Yanagiba 210mm

Item #: SW2-Y210
Our Price: $189.00
Sakai White #2 Yanagiba 210mm

The yanagiba is in of the three basic Japanese knife types. The other two are the Deba and the Usuba. The three knife types enable the experienced chef to process virtually every normal ingredient using most of acknowledged cutting styles. Of course, the yanagiba is the slicer of the group. It's primary function is to slice fish. This ingredient is treated with reverence in Japan and the processing of it is an art learned over many years.

The reason yanagiba blades are so long is so that a slice is made with one continuous stroke. No pressure is required if the knife is well made and perfectly sharp. The blade weight and grind will cut through the flesh without damaging the cellular structure or imparting additional textures or other flavors to this noble ingredient.

We are very pleased to report that this fine yanagiba, made in Sakai, is such an implement. The grind on the knife is extremely well executed as is the overall fit and finish of the blade and handle. It is made from the popular steel called White #2. This is a very good steel for knives and it is rightfully regarded as both durable and easy to sharpen. It is covered with a soft iron cladding, or Jigane. This imparts strength to the blade while reducing the weight. It also makes the knife easier to manufacture over single steel types.

This is a yanagiba that falls on the short end of the scale and as such is a great choice for home chefs or professionals needing a blade that can be used in more confined spaces. A lovely traditional D-shaped Ho wood handle is coupled to a Buffalo horn ferrule. A classic touch for a classic blade. The knife is supplied with a saya.

  • Blacksmith: Undisclosed
  • Location: Sakai Japan
  • Construction: Hammer Forged, Traditional San Mai
  • Grind: Single Sided, Concave back
  • Weight: 4oz
  • Blade Length: 200mm
  • Total Length: 342mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 3.42mm
  • Blade Height: 29.37mm
  • Core Edge Steel: White #2
  • Cladding: Soft Iron
  • Engraving: Hand Engraved
  • Saya: Included
  • Handle: Ho Wood D
  • Ferrule: Buffalo Horn

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