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Okeya Ginsan Ko-Funayuki 120mm
Okeya Ginsan Ko-Funayuki 120mm Okeya Ginsan Ko-Funayuki 120mmOkeya Ginsan Ko-Funayuki 120mm
Okeya Ginsan Ko-Funayuki 120mm Okeya Ginsan Ko-Funayuki 120mmOkeya Ginsan Ko-Funayuki 120mm

Okeya Ginsan Ko-Funayuki 120mm

Item #: JHG-B120

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Our Price: $60.00
This is another fun and functional knife from one of our favorite budget knife makers, Okeya. Together with his son, Okeya-san has begun making kitchen knives out of his small shop that has, until recently, exclusively produced Kogatana style utility knives.

The core steel used in this blade is Ginsan stainless steel, hardened to about 61 HRC. It is clad with a soft steel to both reduce weight and add overall strength to the inner core. The front cladding is given a good looking tsuchime hammered finish. This is a single bevel knife that is only applicable to right-handed users.

The funayuki is a multi-purpose knife that originally found use on fishing boats. Recently the name has been attached to a broader range of blades that share a commonality in a flat profile, short length, and very little belly. They can be either single- or double-beveled.

The shorter length of this example makes it a perfect complement to a longer gyuto or chef’s knife. It is useful in smaller spaces and tighter places. As with all the knives we carry from Okeya, affordability trumps finish, so the handle is a very simple ho wood and plastic construction, while the spine and choil areas are not polished like more expensive blades. For the money, however, this is a good little performer made from a high quality steel with great cutting abilities and fun looks.

  • Brand: Okeya
  • Blacksmith: Okeya-San
  • Location: Miki Japan
  • Construction: San Mai
  • Method: Hammer Forged
  • Cladding: Tsuchime Finish
  • Core Edge Steel: Ginsan (G-3) Stainless Steel
  • HRC: 61
  • Edge Grind: Single Bevel: See Choil Photo
  • Blade Style: Ko Funayuki
  • Handle: Ho Wood Oval
  • Ferrule: Black Plastic
  • Weight: 2.9oz
  • Blade Length: 120mm
  • Total Length: 245mm
  • Spine Thickness at heel: 2.75mm
  • Height: 31mm

  • Customer Reviews


    1 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Tsuching!, February 10, 2021
    Posted By: Robert M - verified customer

    I think pretty hard before I decide on what are, to me, expensive or important knives- use/need, wants, performance, value, aesthetics, forum feedbacks, a lot gets considered. And sometimes there's a rationalization that needs to germinate... But I'll pick up something inexpensive just because it's interesting, sometimes- or just cool.
    I was drawn to that little Okeya 105 tall petty- sold out-and kind of kept an eye out for its reappearance. I am a sucker for interesting tsuchime and I was interested to try both a single bevel and G3 stainless, and I can always use another little utility around. Finally I got tired of waiting and picked up this 120 instead.
    Glad I did; it's pretty amazing. That little round twist on classic round hammering is completely unique and one of the coolest I've seen. I can only think the punch or hammer end must have resembled a straw- the center is higher, not lower. Hard to describe. It makes some sections darker and some lighter and the whole looks like some excavated and restored artifact from a forgotten era. Pictures do not do it justice. Exquisite is not a word I use often but it works here, at least to my tastes.
    I'll buy a piece of art once in a while, a painting, some sweet piece of turned wood, nothing ART expensive but I might drop around, oh, the price of a reasonabley decent Japanese knife here or there. Their only function is to look good, look good in my space, and make me happy, and they do. This little guy, just as an artful thing, is flat kicking the asses of cool stuff that cost several times it's price, and it can also peel an apple. Damn well, actually. Single bevel.
    It's put together very well. Seems like it was made by a skilled craftsman who cared. Fits good, finish decent to excellent, sealed tight. Handle is the same nicely-grained cherry and plastic as a Mizu without the marbling, which is miles beyond the charmingly crappy branded ho wood handles you usually find in this bracket. I either don't know how they do all this for the money, or why everybody else can't. Don't want to think about the second much, so I'm going with the first. If this appeals to you even remotely- note I haven't discussed performance at all, except the apple- then this thing is an absolute steal. But get a bigger one!
    Need a rationalization? Most J-knife people I know don't have a honesuki. There's a 150, it's 50/50, and it's under a hundred bucks. Maybe that helps.

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