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Okeya Blue #2 Bunka 165mm
Okeya Blue #2 Bunka 165mm Okeya Blue #2 Bunka 165mmOkeya Blue #2 Bunka 165mmOkeya Blue #2 Bunka 165mm
Okeya Blue #2 Bunka 165mmOkeya Blue #2 Bunka 165mmOkeya Blue #2 Bunka 165mmOkeya Blue #2 Bunka 165mm

Okeya Blue #2 Bunka 165mm

Item #: JHA-B16U

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 7 reviews)

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Our Price: $159.95
The Okeya bunka is a super fun knife adept at many tasks around the kitchen. It is a well-made item at a very keen price.

Okeya-San operates a small blacksmith shop with his son, following on his grandfatherís tradition of making small Japanese blades called kogatanas. These are small multi-purpose utility knives good for all kinds of cutting and whittling. Okeya has recently expanded their line into more common kitchen knives like gyutos and santokus. The knife featured here is a great example of this new era in their business.

Bunka-style knives are versatile and easy-to-use kitchen utensils. Their short length and tanto-style tip make them useful at cutting smaller ingredients and prepping intricate morsels and garnishes. The relatively tall blade height offers extra hand clearance and control.

Okeya-san fashions the blade from the ubiquitous Blue #2 carbon steel. It is a well-loved and highly practical alloy for use in kitchen knives. Yes, itís reactive. But care with cleaning and drying will keep that under control. The steel takes a very sharp edge and keeps it through long sessions. It is also an easy steel to sharpen. Given the level of fit and finish and the use of good materials this knife is a bit of a bargain.

If you have ever felt the need to try something outside of the usual chef knife/gyuto styles then this is a great opportunity to do so without breaking the bank.

  • Blacksmith: Fujiwara San
  • Brand: Okeya
  • Location: Miki City, Japan
  • Construction: San Mai, Hammer Forged
  • Edge Steel: Blue #2 Carbon Steel
  • Cladding: Stainless / Nashiji Finish
  • Handle: Oak Octagonal (Photos are current)
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces/ 130g
  • Blade Length: 165 mm
  • Total Length: 300 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 2 mm
  • Blade Height: 46 mm

  • Customer Reviews


    7 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Excellent knife
    Posted By: Henry Perez

    The knife is made in Japan, looks awesome, solid but light, very sharp, very easy to handle, and reasonably priced. Delivery was fast and packaged very nicely. The box is so pleasant to look at. Customer service is also fantastic. I am glad I found this site.

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      Okeya Blue knife
    Posted By: James Crawford

    I purchased this knife with some trepidation. I've been using it now for about 4 years.
    It is by far the best knife I have ever used. I have yet to even sharpen it. I take excellent care of it. I love how easily it slides through the toughest meat, onions. It gives me total control over the thickness of a cut and the confidence to make very thin slices.

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      Perfect price for a workhorse
    Posted By: Alejandro - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    The perfect line knife for saving your precious dailies from the slaughter, gets sharp as hell and the blue2 keeps the edge going through any abuse. Have used on lots of tight fast lines and it never disappoints, keeping cool and collected inside that trusty stainless casing. Handle feels really comfortable over multiple grip positions in the hand as was described by others and overall really sturdy feeling blade, never feeling too thick though it's the perfect dimensions with a great feeling rocking profile, have lots of other bunkas I wish could be more shaped like this one.My favourite part is the curve and heft of it makes for the perfect avocado opening knife, always feeling confident when going for those pits that the blade won't chip and if I were to slip the curve of the belly and upwards pointed tip means I won't cause much damage to my mitt.

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      Obsessed with this knife!
    Posted By: Michael - verified customer

    If you want something different from a chef knife that can do delicate work along with being a prep working horse, please buy this knife.

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      hidden gem!
    Posted By: Gabriel - verified customer

    Love this knife! I purchased it as a gift, but after putting it through it's paces (as one does ;) ) I think I'll be getting myself one soon! The fit and finish are that of a knife at a much higher price point, and the performance is fantastic. This is becoming one of my most recommended bang-for-your-buck knives, but it would be impressive at most price points.

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      Still going strong...
    Posted By: Joshua Ramos

    I bought this knife a little over a year ago and it has become the workhorse of my knife kit. Working in the industry, my knife kit is very important for me and not at all a cheap thing to build up. This has surpassed not only half my knife kit but other chefs who have used this knife say they like it better than their own knife. It's smaller profile let's you really get precision work out of a small workspace, and the feel of the grip is great if you tend to pinch grip near the top of the handle. I highly recommend this knife as a first purchase for someone just getting into the industry or for pros who might be looking for something a little less cumbersome.

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      Great Knife, Super Service
    Posted By: Edward Powell - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    All things good to say about this knife. I got the sharpening service, so no surprise that it was very sharp out of the box. While not the most expensive knife in the drawer, it performs as well as any; and I like the look, feel and balance of it. It's the workhorse I'd hoped for, and then some. It sees daily use, and it looks like it's going to be a while before it needs sharpening. That keeps my other knives in the drawer for now. I also got the saya for it and appreciate its quality and its protective function (both for the blade and for fingers). All in all for me, a knife aficionado whose far from being a knife guru, this Okeya Blue

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