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Konosuke GS+

Konosuke GS+

Introducing the new Konosuke GS+ high carbon semi-stainless line from Konosuke-Sanjo. This line has been improved overall to give a higher level of performance to an already great knife. Our goals are to offer knives that reflect the skill of the craftsmen and bring out the best of the material being used. With the GS+ line we focused on details we feel make a difference not only in the day to day use and performance of the knife, but also in the life of the knife. Improvements include higher heel height on the 210mm gyuto, raised HRC to 61-62, smoother grinds, better fit and finish, and new Khii chestnut octagon handles. You'll notice a small gap between the handle and the machi which is mostly aesthetic and it's often called "Tokyo Style" since many knives made in Tokyo have this feature. Japanese swords often have this gap to accommodate the hilt (called a Tsuba) and this alludes to that tradition.

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