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Home > Knife Brands > Konosuke Knives > Konosuke Lasers > Konosuke Togatta > Konosuke Togatta GS+ Gyuto 240mm Laurel
Konosuke Togatta GS+ Gyuto 240mm Laurel
Konosuke Togatta GS+ Gyuto 240mm Laurel Konosuke Togatta GS+ Gyuto 240mm LaurelKonosuke Togatta GS+ Gyuto 240mm LaurelKonosuke Togatta GS+ Gyuto 240mm Laurel
Konosuke Togatta GS+ Gyuto 240mm Laurel Konosuke Togatta GS+ Gyuto 240mm LaurelKonosuke Togatta GS+ Gyuto 240mm LaurelKonosuke Togatta GS+ Gyuto 240mm Laurel

Konosuke Togatta GS+ Gyuto 240mm Laurel

Item #: KGS-TG245Laurel

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Our Price: $250.00
We are very impressed with the updated GS+ line of knives from Konosuke. They are now improved in almost all aspects of construction, finish, and metallurgy. The basic semi stainless steel GS core is now heat treated to a higher HRC rating of 61-62. The grinds have been made smoother and the overall fit and finish taken to a new level. As before, the core is clad with a softer stainless layer which protects and strengthens the blade. It also makes for much easier maintenance.

We asked Konosuke to give us their rendition of the classic French profile. Togatta means “pointed”. This is their answer to that request. And we think they nailed it! The classic long, thin blade is akin to a cross between a sujihiki and a gyuto, and as such can perform many cutting and slicing tasks around the kitchen. It is a true laser, boasting a thin 2.2mm spine at the heel and a behind-the-edge grind that will split atoms. It has an edge profile that is more rocker than pusher but it will find favor with both styles of users. The tip, in particular, is a formidable kitchen weapon.

Coupled to a beautiful ho wood handle and buffalo horn ferrule, this fine knife would be a wonderful addition to your knife arsenal. Sleek, sharp, and made to the highest standards, the Konosuke KS GS+ Gyuto is destined to become a classic in its own right. The felt protector is a better fit than a saya. The handle and blade have a small machi (gap) that is nicknamed Tokyo Style.

  • Brand: Konosuke
  • Location: Sakai, Japan
  • Construction: San Mai
  • Cladding: Semi Stainless
  • Edge Steel: GS+
  • HRC: 61
  • Edge Grind: Even
  • Weight: 4.8oz/ 135g
  • Edge Length: 233 mm
  • Overall Length: 385 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Heel: 2.2 mm
  • Blade Height at Heel: 46.89 mm
  • The video shows the old handle. Please trust the photos.

  • Customer Reviews


    3 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Konosuke GS+ Performance, September 12, 2020
    Posted By: Ritchie - verified customer

    Blade came razor sharp and it hasn't been touched by the stones yet. The grinds on the knife have to be seen in person to appreciate their perfection. The knife drops through product and slices meat with one pass. Konosuke Togatta Gyuto 240.

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      What A Blade, January 7, 2020
    Posted By: Mario Humberto Maura - verified customer

    I just purchased this knife because I found I prefer the bevel of a classic french knife over the sharper angled Japanese gyuto for my cutting technique. Wow using this thing is fun. Right out of the box super sharp. The blade profile is the best I've used in a Japanese knife, havent had to use the stones on it yet, so we will see how the steel does on them and then we will have a true review, But so far excellent and for the price even better.

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      Nice complement to KS and HD2, April 23, 2018
    Posted By: Alan Huth

    I really like this knife! It's shape is very similar to the KS, in fact the tip area (last 3-4 inches) is virtually identical in terms of grind and dimensions. But, it's much thinner than the KS at the heel. Much more laser-like. Fit and finish comparable to KS and HD2, but at a significant price discount. I understand that Mark had to buy quite a few in order to get this product, but I suspect than when these are sold out, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth by those who let it slip by. When I started collecting a little over a year ago, the two knives at the top of my list were the KS and the HD2. Eventually, I managed to get both, but if I hadn't, I would probably be quite satisfied with this knife as it's right up there with both of them. A nice melding of the strengths of each. And at a $500 discount compared to buying each of those others separately.

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