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Home > Knife Types > Left Handed Knives > Kitaoka Blue #2 Funayuki 180mm Lefty
Kitaoka Blue #2 Funayuki 180mm Lefty
Kitaoka Blue #2 Funayuki 180mm Lefty Kitaoka Blue #2 Funayuki 180mm LeftyKitaoka Blue #2 Funayuki 180mm LeftyKitaoka Blue #2 Funayuki 180mm Lefty
Kitaoka Blue #2 Funayuki 180mm LeftyKitaoka Blue #2 Funayuki 180mm LeftyKitaoka Blue #2 Funayuki 180mm LeftyKitaoka Blue #2 Funayuki 180mm Lefty

Kitaoka Blue #2 Funayuki 180mm Lefty

Item #: KitaokaAO-FunayukiLEFT

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Our Price: $170.00
Hideo Kitaoka fashions his knives out of carbon steel using the traditional jacketed "awase" method. His blades consist of a core (hagane) steel made from Blue #2 Aogami for the cutting edge and a "jigane" of soft iron for the spine and upper blade body. The super sharp cutting edge is revealed at the bottom of the blade path. Please make sure to clean and dry these knives after use to prevent corrosion.

The funayuki is a multi-purpose traditional single bevel Japanese knife. The name funayuki means "going on a boat." It comes from a custom of fishermen who used these knives to clean and prepare fish on the boat. The blade is exceptionally thin which gives it the ability to slice fish and vegetables in a very controlled and efficient manner. This knife requires great skill to successfully utilize without chipping. In Japan, only executive chefs are considered to possess the skills needed to handle these incredibly sharp but brittle knives.

The knife is finished with a rosewood octagonal with black pakka wood handle. This is a classic Japanese knife that has character written all over its attractively subdued facade.

This single bevel knife is made specifically for left-handed users. We also have a right-handed version available.

  • Weight: 6.2 ounces
  • Blade Length: 170 mm (6.75")
  • Overall Length: 320 mm (12.5")
  • Thickness at Heel: 4.4 mm
  • Blade Height: 43.9 mm
  • Rosewood Octaonal Handle
  • Left Handed Grind
  • Single Bevel
  • Blue #2 Steel
  • Soft Iron Cladding
  • Please note the handle is the one pictured not the one in the video
  • Please note: We are only shipping Kitaoka knives in the USA

  • Customer Reviews


    4 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
    Posted By: Dale

    My first left handed knife and I'm delighted! I was not initially happy with the handle but now I'm very satisfied. Two things: when you buy a Japanese knife you are paying for the blade and you get the handle for free, and when you buy a knife you are in fact buying a kit to make into the knife you want.

    The rosewood handle was thicker with a more rounded section than I prefer, and the tang was not fully seated in the handle. I don't buy Steve's explanation describing another knife that the 1/8" gap from not being fully seated is a desirable aesthetic as I could feel a sharp corner and the pockets would be more difficult to keep clean. I managed to drive off the handle without wrecking it and then spent about 1 hour filing and sanding the handle to a better fit for me, opening the tang slot slightly, and then finishing it with spar varnish. When sanding the ferrule smelled more like phenolic (plastic used for billiard balls) than wood but it finished well. With the handle reinstalled I couldn't be happier!

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      Great value
    Posted By: Michael

    Really great value knife. It came with a much nicer ebony wood with black parka wood Ferrel handle instead of what was pictured. This was a pleasant surprise however I wish I had known as I ordered a custom handle for this knife. All good as I used the handle for another project. After polishing the blade, sharpening and adding a custom handle I LOOOVE this knife. I haven't got to use it much but I did break down two red snapper and a striped bass and it was wonderful. Shipping was fast as always. side note CKTG is my favorite knife store by far.

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      Thoroughly impressed!
    Posted By: Matthew Coveny

    First off, wow! I was expecting a cheap ho wood and plastic handle. I was all ready to replace it, but to my surprise the knife came with a nice walnut and pakka wood octagonal handle already installed. Thank you!
    As advertised, the grind isn't perfect. There are some subtle low and high spots along the edge, but nothing that really affects the intended use. I feel like I'll fairly quickly get rid of any imperfections through regular sharpening. That said, I didn't feel the need to take it to the stones just yet as the edge was razor sharp right out of the box.
    The fit and finish is pretty damn good. As a left handed knife from a known blacksmith at this price point, you couldn't ask for a better value. I'm pretty sure any other site on the internet would try to charge twice as much.
    This is the third time I've bought from Chef Knives to Go and I couldn't be more pleased with the company. From the information provided on the website, to the customer service and attention to detail, to the swift shipping, you can't go wrong. Thanks, guys!

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      Awesome versatile knife!
    Posted By: Brandon Wicks

    I am a chef with over 24 years in the kitchen. 9 years in sushi and 15 years of fine dining experience in Seattle. I'm not into flashy knives just one that perform well. I love this knife for that reason! It did have an over grind spot close to the heel but nothing that 20 minutes on the stones couldn't fix. I sharpened it on
    DMT XC
    DMT C
    Random Green 300
    King 1000
    Natural Aoto 2500ish

    Then immediately used it to breakdown 5 trout, 6 herring, and 1 wild 12lbs California Yellowtail, It was so nimble compared to my 180mm hon deba and dispatched the yellowtail with ease. It handled the herring as easily as my 120mm Watanabe ajikiri. The thinner and narrower profile was exactly what I was looking for on softer fish with delicate bones like the trout, salmon, saba. It has better feedback but does not flex like gyuto can. I then decided to use it as my utility knife behind the sushi bar along with my Kitaoka 300mm shiroko

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