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Edge Pro Apex 3
Edge Pro Apex 3

Edge Pro Apex 3

Item #: Apex3

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Our Price: $250.00
We are big fans of the Edge Pro Apex sharpening system. This handy tool will allow a novice to put razor sharp edges on his or her knives in no time. But this is not a system just for is used industry wide by chefs and line cooks who need a quick repeatable sharpening regime that is compact to carry and easy to set up.

The Apex removes nicks and dings without distorting the knife edge. It creates no heat, preserving the temper of your knives. It sets up in seconds on any smooth surface. No power required and comes with a convenient carrying case. It requires no maintenance other than routine cleaning. The kit #3 includes 5 water stones covering the gamut from course to ultra fine. The package also comes with those small items needed to complete your sharpening tasks like a water bottle, micro fibre towel and a 1200 grit ceramic hone.

Though an Edge Pro edge will remain sharp much longer than a standard edge, even Edge Pro'd knives will become dull with use. Use the supplied Ceramic Sharpening Hone in between sharpening to rejuvenate your dull edge. The Ceramic Sharpening Hone will resharpen an Edge Pro'd knife in seconds and it will do it over and over again because it removes so little metal. You will find you can go through several different honing routines in between Edge Pro sharpening. The Ceramic Sharpening Hone is very fine 1200-grit and while pretty useless on factory edges, it is magic on Edge Pro'd knives. Whether you are a professional chef, hard working line cook or aspiring amateur, this kit is pretty much all you will need to keep your precious blades at their peak of performance. The Edge Pro Apex system is easy, safe and a huge saver of time. We highly recommend these wonderful sharpening kits.

  • Edge Pro Sharpening System
  • Black Cordura Carrying Case
  • Instructional Manual
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Water Bottle
  • 8" 1,200 Grit Ceramic Honing Rod
  • Edge Pro 120 Grit Stone
  • Edge Pro 220 Grit Stone
  • Edge Pro 400 Grit Stone
  • Edge Pro 600 Grit Stone
  • Edge Pro 1,000 Grit Stone

  • Customer Reviews


    4 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Great kit!
    Posted By: Dave ung - verified customer

    Sharpened a few knives. So far, excellent results. I chose the apex 3 because I didn't want to deal with the polishing tapes that came in the 4th kit. I just added 3k grit chosera stone and that made it complete. There's a learning curve to sharpening on the apex, but after a few more knives, I think I'll be almost pro at it. I'd still recommend the apex to anyone even a beginner. There's lots of videos that you can watch and learn from.

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Cody - verified customer

    Great product! Handles tanto's, recurves, serrated, little, big knives and more! Extremely well made! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to sharpen several knives to a perfect edge. If you are only using it for 1 or 2 knives... it may be a waste of money. If you are using this for hunting/fishing/camping/and kitchen... then you will not find a better system out there!

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Ben - verified customer

    I was never very good with freehand sharpening/ polishing. So I sucked it up and bought this system. I say sucked it up but how much would it cost to buy five stones and a ceramic rod? Not that big a difference. Granted those stones are bigger and will last longer but given the learning curve and the time saved, this seems like a good trade off for me. There are limitations-the depth of the blade. I have a cleaver that is too big but if I take the guide off and use a custom cut block back there I should be fine. Also hawksbill knives--but I don't have any. I should be able to do scimitar shaped blades in a much more controlled manner than freehand. Overall I am very happy with this system.

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Mike - verified customer

    I was disappointed that the base was made of plastic (albeit high-quality Nylon). Regardless, the system works very knives are sharp! Too bad it is so expensive.

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