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Edge Pro Essential Accessory Pack
Edge Pro Essential Accessory Pack

Edge Pro Essential Accessory Pack

Item #: 7pcset

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(5 out of 5 based on 20 reviews)

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Our Price: $39.95
This set has changed as of 7/13/2022.

Trick out your Edge Pro with our favorite and best-selling accessories! You get 7 items in the set and each one will add to your ability to get a fantastic edge on your knives.

  • Deburring Block - used to deburr between stones
  • 20x Illuminated Loupe - for viewing your work
  • Extra Guide Clip (these tend to wear out)
  • 120 Grit Diamond Plate for flattening and quick metal removal on your machine.
  • Drill Stop Collar - for use between stones changes
  • Magnet - for holding your knives in place on machine
  • Spring - for quick stone changes

  • Customer Reviews


    20 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Edge Pro Accessory Pack
    Posted By: Larry - verified customer

    This was actually a pretty nice package and Chefknives was very fast on the shipping end, especially in these crazy times! I primarily got this kit for the little collar thing (yeah you can get that at a hardware store/supplier), but the other gadgets were much more useful than I expected. The diamond plate was very impressive, really removes alot of metal fast, and is pretty quick to relevel a stone. I know some people will use 2 magnets on the EdgePro, but I found that this one was adequate...I never completely trust the magnet to hold the knife..especially my large ones, so I never get lazy, always hold onto it especially if they are "wicked sharp". Overall a pretty good value for what it is.

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      More useful for the Apex model than the Pro model Edge Pro
    Posted By: Wayne Deschamp - verified customer

    I ordered this Edge Pro Accessory kit at the same time I ordered my Professional model Edge Pro, which now has its own set of knife stabilizing magnets included and also has its own stone retaining spring built into the machine, so I have no need for those two items included with this kit. Perhaps Chefknives_To_Go should revise the contents of this kit, or create two different kits for the two different Edge Pro models. (Edge Pro now offers a nice magnet mechanism for their Apex model) The other five of seven items in this kit should be useful as I acquire more experience with my machine, but I can't yet offer a very solid opinion on them. I found the course diamond stone very useful for reprofiling the severely rounded tip of a cheap stainless steak knife. Wish the kit included a second medium grit diamond stone for sharpening diagonal cutters whose jaws don't open enough for sharpening with thicker stones. Overall, seems like a good price for this kit.

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      Not Bad, But Not Great...
    Posted By: David Applewhite

    The lock collar is the best item in this package. The magnet works well on folders that you sharpen in one position, but becomes frustrating sharpening large knives being the magnet prevents sliding. The Edgepro magnet they just released is much better all around. The spring makes changing stones slightly faster, but not enough to justify the small amount your stone moves because of the spring loading and unloading.. the other stuff in this package are of good quality if you need them...

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      Great kit!
    Posted By: Jason - verified customer

    For $35 you really must buy this, it's a great deal for what you get! I never realized the detail I was missing until I used the jewelers loupe.

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      WELL roundeed kit to assist you in your sharpening endeavor
    Posted By: Steven W Knight

    SO MANY THINGS were absolutely necessary for the hobbyist:
    The MAGNET makes it easy
    The FELT BLOCK gets rid of the burr to save the 2000 & 3000 thin "CUTS"
    The COLLAR LOCK makes things so easy once you set it on your first one used
    The DIAMOND one makes really short work on the really DULL BLADES
    The SPRING emulates the Professional model
    The LOUPE is fantastic for so many things (20 power think stamps & coins)
    All in ALL it is great and getting it in moments is like AMAZON PRIME!!!

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      Handy Kit
    Posted By: Brian - verified customer

    Excellent bunch of accessories for the Edge Pro. Came well packaged.

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      Handy kit for my Edge Pro.
    Posted By: charlie - verified customer

    Kit arrived on time and was well packed. If you got an Edge Pro you need this kit.

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    Posted By: Michael Miller - verified customer

    Awesome collection.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
    Posted By: Joseph Finley - verified customer

    A must have for the edge pro. Worth every penny.

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      All the bits you should need
    Posted By: Keith Hickson - verified customer

    This pack adds greatly to the ease of using my Edge pro, in fact I didn't know about the felt block until I saw the kit.

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      Edge Pro Pack
    Posted By: Ken - verified customer

    Haven't used all the items yet, but a great little package. The magnet is incredibly strong for its size. Great accessories for the best sharpening system(Edge Pro) available.

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      A must-have for Edge Pro users
    Posted By: Tom Maynard - verified customer

    I tried to identify the most valuable subset of this kit, but ultimately decided that the whole thing is what you're going to need to sharpen optimally. But the magnet, spring, and drill collar are absolute must-haves.Don't own or buy an Edge Pro without these add-ons. Buy the complete kit and have it all at once.

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      Great kit - well worth the price
    Posted By: Matthew Humphrey - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    The loupe is great - much easier to use than the pocket microscope recommended on another site. I haven't used the diamond plate yet, but I am sure it will be useful. The drill stop collar is a great way to make sure your angle is consistent across stones.

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      Edge Pro Essential Accessory Pack
    Posted By: Ren Pieters - verified customer

    So glad I found ChefKnives to go very excellent shipping and products. You'll be hearing more from me but not soon enough lol

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      Edge Pro accessory pack
    Posted By: David Witt - verified customer

    I haven't used everything yet but love the diamond plate and spring. SKTG really know how to treat customers and is much appreciated. Delivery was quicker than expected. Will be doing more business with this company.

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      Great addition to a Fantastic tool !
    Posted By: Andy - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    I love this kit because everithing in it make's it more complete,the magnet is a joy(just glue it with a drop off glue from a gluegun) now you even have to put even less pressure to keep the blade in place!The drill-collare is the sollution to keep an exact angle(i had my doubts with it but once you try it you will see that it realy does the job great) and the 140 is excellent to profile an edge's on knifes where you want to put an upper edge on like Fighter or Tactical knives where the top has no edge but you be amazed how fast you can make an double edge knife whithout ruining and grinding for an while with your sharpeningstone's!The magnifier need no explaining and is a handy plus-tool and the spring as said before in the comments makes it nice to change your stone's in a Jip.I just wished it included the digital anglefinder !This is a kit that is realy worth is money and in my opinion a must have for your Edge Pro Apex or Pro. Buy it

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    Posted By: Darryl Dale - verified customer

    excellent upgrade

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      great service
    Posted By: cjm - verified customer

    Received the kit very quickly. Was able to profile my knives VERY quickly. The additional pieces made my Edge Pro a joy to use now. Magnet is very powerful. Love the spring now for quick loading/unloading stones.thanks for a great product!

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      gotta have it
    Posted By: RB - verified customer

    Plain and simple...If CKTG didn't offer these things to buy, or they didn't have their customized essential Edge Pro available I probably would not have considered the edge pro any further. It really is that nice. I bought this along with a second magnet to hold blades. The stop collar and quick change spring are invaluable time savers.

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      A must have
    Posted By: Jonathan - verified customer

    I had to buy every single one of this separately because this kit wasnt available. This is a must have if you are looking for the best possible edge out there with the most comfortable and fast sharpening session possible. Maybe I would prefer the bigger Atoma 140X for flattening but still the 140x is a must for thining out knives with hard steel and not destroying your 120 stone. I recomend this kit for sure!

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