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Daovua Leaf Spring Tall Petty 130mm
Daovua Leaf Spring Tall Petty 130mm Daovua Leaf Spring Tall Petty 130mmDaovua Leaf Spring Tall Petty 130mmDaovua Leaf Spring Tall Petty 130mm
Daovua Leaf Spring Tall Petty 130mmDaovua Leaf Spring Tall Petty 130mmDaovua Leaf Spring Tall Petty 130mmDaovua Leaf Spring Tall Petty 130mm

Daovua Leaf Spring Tall Petty 130mm

Item #: Daovua-TallPetty

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 22 reviews)

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Our Price: $46.00
Believe it or not, car and truck leaf springs make great knife blades! These discarded automotive parts are a very good source of knife steel as they are usually made from 5160 carbon steel. Many highly regarded custom knife makers use this steel source to great effect for their highly desirable custom creations.

A young barefoot bladesmith we discovered working in Vietnam uses this interesting source to make some very funky and fun blades for us. And our customers are full of praise for many of their attributes. But let’s get this out of the way—one of these attributes is not fit and finish! They are rough and ready with an emphasis on rough. These are basic blades that will make a great project knife for budding sharpeners or new chefs looking for something to play with. But while the F & F leaves room for improvement the actual grinds of these budget blades are rather special. These knives are sharp and they will cut! Some of them might need a touch on your favorite stone, but a few passes and you will have a razor of a knife on your hands.

The profile of this tall petty is as rounded as we've seen, so it will resonate with the rockers out there. It is a monster at chopping herbs and other small ingredients. Like the blade, the handle is not the best in the industry but with a bit of sanding and maybe some varnish and you will have a grip that is easy and secure in your hands.

So if you seek a fun project knife or a cheap and cheerful small ingredient chopper, the Daovua might just be all you need. Plus you get to tell a great story about it and its makers!

  • Brand: Daovua
  • Blacksmith: Nhat Family
  • Location: Vietnam
  • Construction: Hammer Forged, Mono Steel
  • Steel Type: Recycled Leaf Spring Steel
  • Handle: Bubinga
  • Edge Grind: Even, Double Bevel
  • Weight: 2.9 oz/ 82g
  • Blade Length: 126mm
  • Spine Thickness at Heel: 2.0mm
  • Blade Height at Heel: 41.1mm

  • Customer Reviews


    22 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      So nice but so dull
    Posted By: Ken.M

    I give this knife 5 stars because it’s absolutely beautiful. Has the looks of a $200-300 knife but my god it’s so dull.
    I’m so perplexed why this knife isn’t ootb sharp. But it’s a minor complaint and a good honing will do the trick. Small amount of surface rust was also present when I received this but easily taken out by a green scrubber.
    Overall I love it, once it’s sharp…

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      Cool Knife
    Posted By: Vince P. - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Very interesting knife, has many uses in the kitchen, It's neat that it's upcycled from old auto parts, It has great cool factor and and usually garners attention from others who see it, I like the fit & finish, I plan to get more of this line.

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      Great knife
    Posted By: F - verified customer

    Awesome knife for small quick tasks. Got one with a very nice looking handle.

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      The spirit of the forge
    Posted By: Matt Freeman

    Just got it and I'm very pleased. Fit and finish better than its reputation—spine and choil smooth, as is the attractive wa handle. Mostly paper-cutting sharp but the tip and heel can use a touch-up which is easily done. Rustic finish, which I love. Very light! I anticipate picking this little budget gem up often for salad or soup ingredients, cutting mushrooms or onions, a million petty-style tasks. One star withheld only for its modesty, because the value is off the charts. If you appreciate wabi-sabi imperfection and the charm of the handmade tool, you'll love this knife.

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    Posted By: Robert M - verified customer

    Bigger caters have a lot of moving parts, moving quickly, and despite best intentions little petties and parers sometimes go missing, or turn up in the bottom of a bin a couple days later needing some attention. Always looking for cheap useful little blades that it won't kill me if something goes wrong. This is nice and tall, stands out as ‘yours' in a pile, and cuts better than acceptably, for $40. Fills the bill

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      Nicer than I expected.
    Posted By: Andrew - verified customer

    This fits my niche perfectly. My hands are too big for most paring knives or even pettys. I use this for up in the air work. As a slicer, it's good for back slicing, but I will probably want to reprofile it at some point, because it doesn't work for rocking. My intention was to make this a project knife out of the box, but it's good enough that I'm not going to do any work on it until the necessity arises. The handle was surprisingly nice. I expected to just trash it, but I hit it with some cutting board wax and now I don't want to see it go. And the rough finish on the blade extends way down into the bevel, which is really good for fall-away. It's not very hard, so be ready to put effort into keeping it sharp.

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      Fun Little Knife
    Posted By: Mike

    Great little knife, much better than I anticipated. It's very light and comfortable. It looks amazing. Mine came straight and sharp,It passed the paper test.

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      Awesome knife!!
    Posted By: Vito Giobbie - verified customer

    I bought this for my friend for his birthday and he ABSOLUTELY loved it!

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      Nimble, light weight
    Posted By: Michael - verified customer

    Very thin and light weight. Takes a nice edge with a little time on the stones, although not very sharp out of the box. Rustic fit and finish but really not bad at all given the price point. No unfinished or poorly finished points anywhere on the blade or handle. Overall, quite a nice little knife, especially for the price.

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      Fantastic knife
    Posted By: Adam Spivey

    Love the height and belly on this knife. Great for herbs and other small kitchen tasks. Very easy to sharpen and get razor sharp, though it doesn't hold an edge as long as other knives. Love the handle and rustic feel of the knife as a whole. Best bang for your buck and awesome if you are learning to sharpen on whetstones. Will definitely buy another when they are back in stock.

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    Posted By: J - verified customer

    These knives are some of my new favorites. It's hard to find a tall petty and the knife has a great feel. Quick touch up with 6k stone and edge is razor sharp and easy to maintain. Anybody in my kitchen that uses one of these knives instantly want one

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      Bangin knife!
    Posted By: Jeffrey

    Of all the knives I've ever bought, I find myself using this one the most. Perfectly weighted, looks great, gets real sharp, cool in between size. It's also developed a really nice petina. For the money it's an amazing little knife.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
    Posted By: Matt - verified customer

    Impressively well made...straight and beautiful fit and finish. Can't wait to buy another!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Great little knife
    Posted By: mjj - verified customer

    This is possibly my favourite of the 4 knives I got from this line. Well weighted, nice thin blade, really sharp, good point, fits great in my hand. It is really easy to work with and took no adjutment time to use.

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      Fun little knife
    Posted By: Zackary - verified customer

    I am very pleased with this petty! The height makes it feel almost like a very small gyuto. Great for rocking. OOB sharpness was unimpressive, but took a fine edge quickly. The point and heal were considerably fatter than the rest of the cutting edge, so I had to use my coarse stones to bring it up to the rest. Handle is beautiful, though the finish is marred in several places. Tasteful maker's mark and lovely kurouchi, though there is one place along the spine on the tip where it didn't take.

    Overall very happy with my purchase. Great for folks who are learning to hone high carbon steel

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      Great Little Knife!
    Posted By: Michael N. - verified customer

    Love the shape and size of this knife! I've used it for just about everything: chopping onions, herbs, breaking down chickens. It can handle anything that doesn't require more blade length. It takes a good edge and is a great introductory knife for someone wanting to work with carbon steel.

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      Great find
    Posted By: Mason - verified customer

    I like this knife and purchased it mainly for the story and I also collect knives. I use it some professionally and it performs well. The price was a big factor in the 5 star rating. At the current price, with the unique story and being and interesting knife all combine for a high rating.

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      Food release WOW
    Posted By: Brent

    I livethisl little knife. It has food release matching a Takeda. ItsI not very reactive and develops a nice patina. The handle is skinny but well put together. It is a rough finish on it but I think it gives character. I appreciate recycling of old steel to make something new. .

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      Excellent Knife
    Posted By: Tom Dickinson

    I purchased this knife and I used it during my International Cuisine class that I teach and it works like a charm. Everyone thought the knife was beautiful. the handle on these blades in gorgeous. Whatever people used to say about knives from this brand they have definitely improved on their craftsmanship. Very nicely done. Liked it so much, I recommended a 210mm gyuto for one of my culinary students to purchase for starting out his career.

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      Highly recommended
    Posted By: Ryan B

    My co workers call it a prison knife. If you can get past the rustic charm of this knife what's left is an affordable carbon petty that takes a stupid sharp edge and just holds it forever. If your looking for a do it all petty I highly recommend this daovua

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      Not the grind I expected
    Posted By: Aaron Lish

    First off, I knew this would be a rustic knife that would likely require some work. And the handle ended up being nicer than I expected. However, I was surprised to find that the grind is like that on an inexpensive Chinese cleaver - a small radius hollow grind with a "lip" at the top of the grind that steps up to the blade face (not clean and smooth like the photo). Yes, the grind is very thin, but to remove the lip so it doesn't hang up on product will require significant metal removal. I took it to the belt and removed a bit (one side smoothed out pretty easily), but to smooth out the other side would have resulted in loss of edge because of how thin the blade is. I bought the knife for its height, so didn't want to lose that height to completely eliminate the ridge that runs along the top of the grind. Will see how I feel about it after a few days of prep before removing any more metal. All that said, it took a screaming sharp edge with no effort whatsoever (like Japanese white steel). If this had a better grind it would be an excellent choice for a short, quick knife great for a range of prep duties. But based on the one I received, three stars is being generous (only gave it that because of how nice the handle is).

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      sharp light laser
    Posted By: kenneth
    1 people found this review helpful

    just got these , sliced 50

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