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Yoshito Saku Blue #2 Petty 120mm
Yoshito Saku Blue #2 Petty 120mm Yoshito Saku Blue #2 Petty 120mmYoshito Saku Blue #2 Petty 120mmYoshito Saku Blue #2 Petty 120mm
Yoshito Saku Blue #2 Petty 120mm Yoshito Saku Blue #2 Petty 120mmYoshito Saku Blue #2 Petty 120mmYoshito Saku Blue #2 Petty 120mm

Yoshito Saku Blue #2 Petty 120mm

Item #: C2517

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Our Price: $120.00
We recently found this small blacksmith shop based in Kumamoto that makes sickles, hoes, and other gardening and farming implements. They've been in business since 1923. Recently, they started Hocho production and this is the first knife they are producing for sale. This transition from farm tools to kitchen knives is a common one with many of our blacksmiths. We've been able to help support these multi generation businesses by encouraging them to diversify their product offerings as the farm tool business has declined over the past 40 years.

The Yoshito Saku Blue #2 The finish is kurouchi on top and a nice wide bevel on the bottom. The hybrid handle is three sided on top and oval on the bottom and it feels really good in hand. The hardwood handle is made of oak and has a Urushi finish on it to protect it from water and furthers this aesthetic with a nice black and red combination that looks great. Urushi is a traditional craft and is made from the sap of a tree. Urushi is not coated on the handle but penetrates inside the handle, and this protects the wood from water and moisture. Mr. Fukishima and his son are one of only a select few shops in Japan that make their own handles for use on their knives and these are beautiful examples of their work.

  • Brand: Yoshito Saku
  • Blacksmith: Fukushima-san
  • Location: Kumamoto
  • Construction: San Mai Hammer Forged
  • Edge Steel: Aogami #2 (Blue #2)
  • HRC: 62
  • Edge Grind: Even
  • Handle: Urushi Hardwood Oval
  • Blade Height: 32m
  • Edge Length: 120mm
  • Weight: 2.6oz / 74g
  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  A nice utility knife, shaped like a Santoku but smaller, July 6, 2020
    Posted By: John Potter - verified customer

    This beautiful knife functions as a petty knife for small tasks,with the shape of a Santoku and the same capabilities of slicing, dicing, and chopping, on a small scale. Its Blue #2 steel takes a wonderful sharp edge that holds well even after multiple use.
    The handle is attractive and mostly full sized. The balance point is several mm in the handle, but because of the light weight, the knife is very easy to use. The blade is thin but stiff. It minces garlic wonderfully well and can chop small vegetables with ease.
    The knife arrived sharp, and as stated in the description it has a 50/50 grind. The blade is easy to resharpen. The kurouchi finish means that rusting is minimized, at least on the black, and the rest of the steel easily develops a protective patina.
    I like this knife a lot and feel that its price reflects the quality of the blacksmith. It might seem a bit pricey compared to other petty knives, but this knife is used during most dinner prep activities, and the Santoku shape is unusual for its size, but very functional.

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