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Home > Knife Types > Gyutos > Gyutos 210mm > 210mm Wa Handled Gyutos > Yamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mm
Yamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mm
Yamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mm Yamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mmYamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mmYamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mm
Yamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mm Yamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mmYamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mmYamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mm

Yamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mm

Item #: YS-GY210W-OW

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 12 reviews)

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Our Price: $99.95
Yamashin White #1 Gyuto 210mm. This authentic Japanese traditional kitchen knife line features hand-forged double-layer white-paper steel blade (white #1) but is very reasonably priced. These are every day kitchen knives that many good cooks love to use in Japan. They sharpen really well and hold a nice edge. The grinds on these knives for the money are impressive which makes them a great overall value. If you've never tried a good Japanese knife and don't want to spend a ton of money these would be an excellent choice. Care for carbon steel knives is simple. Just wipe them dry after you use them and don't let water or acid linger on the blade. The knife will patina over time adding to the great rustic look of these knives.

  • weight: 5.8oz
  • Blade length: 215mm
  • Overall length: 355mm
  • Spine thickness at base: 3.4mm
  • Depth of blade at base: 50.79mm
  • New Walnut octagonal handle
  • Black Pakka wood ferrule

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    4  Much nicer than the price , May 30, 2020

    knife arrived on time thanks during the pandemic. Edge i would say was a solid 3000 grit out of the box. After running the knife over 6000 and 10000 grit stones it took a very fine edge. Nicely balanced at pinch grip. Now tomorrow I am cooking and very much excited to see how it performs.

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    5  Impressed, December 8, 2017
    Posted By: John - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    Overall I must say I am impressed from just opening the box. Nice straight spine on the blade. Choil and spine needs some easing but that is to be expected and an easy, easy fix. What impressed me the most was the handle. Yes it is walnut and pakka wood but for the most part it looks better than some handles I have gotten on much more expensive knives. I re-handle every blade I get anyway, but I think I will keep this one for maybe a future use as I usually ditch the ones that come on blades. Overall with the steel it is made of, this is great for gift giving as a first jump into J-knives. May have to order a few more.

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    5  great knife, August 16, 2017
    Posted By: josh - verified customer

    great balance to this knife, my other gyuto is a masakage, and i think i prefer the fit and weight of this much cheaper issue with edge retention at this stage...recommend for the price!

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    4  Good one, April 10, 2017
    Posted By: Cristian cheluta - verified customer

    Its a good knife,good for the first japanease knife,not havy but agresiv,I am realy proud of it

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    5  Product Review, March 30, 2017
    Posted By: Bob - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    First, I don't work in a restaurant just my own kitchen, so it only gets one or two meals a day of use. Out of the box I was impressed by the way this knife feels in hand. Mine has the walnut handle and black pakka wood ferrule making for a stunning knife. I like not just the overall look, but also the weight (medium heavy) and balance. Incoming, the blade was ok sharpness. After 10 easy minutes on the stones, superb sharpness. The first white #1 blade for me, very nice!So far it's been used to cut onions, peppers, garlic, ginger, beef, chicken, fish, mangos, cabbage, citrus, winter squash, artichoke, bread...and more. It has done well enough with everything I've thrown at it. It is not the best knife I have for dicing onions because of the thickness of the blade, which slows it down some. It gets the job done and cuts cleanly, but not as quickly as a thinner bladed knife. In my own kitchen that doesn't matter much; for a working chef it probably would. To its credit, it didn't seem to get slippery even when used with greasy hands. The point is nice and feels precise; peeling ginger was a snap.I would not choose this blade for dicing a sack of onions; it would begin feeling too slow fairly quickly. Chopping is a different matter. This knife chops and rock chops like a champ because of the blades curvature and weight. Slicing/slivering beef for Philly Cheesesteaks it was the best knife I've yet tried for that. Splitting fresh artichoke and winter squash it did well, however like with onions the thickness of the blade seems to slow it down a bit. But again, the blade thickness gives it good backbone and control. If I was going to travel in a motorhome and could only take one knife, this would be a good choice. It is an excellent overall knife.

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    4  Great knife , February 16, 2017
    Posted By: Christopher - verified customer

    Love rustic finish and shape of the blade very sharp and a solid work horse the only thing with is the size of the octognal handle but if you pinch grip your good to go!

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    4  Rustic work horse!, February 16, 2017
    Posted By: christopher day - verified customer

    Great little work horse sharp otb, love the rustic finish the octognal handle is a little large but not an issue with a pinch grip that's the only complaint great customer service as usual from the staff!

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    4  Good Introduction, July 13, 2016
    Posted By: Chris - verified customer

    I nought this as a gift for my foodie brother in law as a n introduction to japanese knives. The fit & finish was far better than I expected. It has a traditional/rustic aesthetic. The profile is a little unusual but offers a good bit of flat spot and a nice pointy tip. I sharpened it for him prior to gifting and found the steel to be a bit confusion for W#1. It was a bit harder to work with that I expected but still took a nice edge. probably the best he's ever experienced and a noob. So, good stuff!

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    5  Product Review, July 22, 2014
    Posted By: Alex - verified customer

    This is a great knife for every-day use. The blade is wide and sturdy; the knife well-balanced in the hand. The blade takes an easy edge and holds it well. After some use, the kurochi takes on a lovely patina. This is a reasonably-priced knife to use and enjoy daily.

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    4  Product Review, October 28, 2013
    Posted By: andy - verified customer

    Nice light knife in great steal but rather rough grind and thick behind the edge. That being said thin this bad boy out and fix the geometry a bit and you have a great work horse. Busted down a case of roasters with no problem with no chipping. If you want a great piece of steel you can make fit your needs for the price it's tough to beat. I sanded the ho and tunged the heck out of it and I must say I love this knife. Took a lot of work but I think it's worth it.

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    5  Product Review, September 7, 2013
    Posted By: Bulent - verified customer

    OOTB it is not killer sharp. But when you sharpen it, it can take a wicked edge. It is a 5 star knife for the price you pay. Also I must say, great customer service. Special thanks to Mark. I will buy from you again.

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    5  Product Review, December 7, 2012
    Posted By: Eric - verified customer

    I ordered this knife as an inexpensive (relatively) foray into the world of white steel. I am very impressed. The blade has a great grind and I was able to put a very sharp edge with minimal work on 1k and 4k stones. OOTB edge was not stellar, but the beauty of white steel is that a dull edge is an easy problem to fix! Plastic ferrule is cheap-feeling, handle is fine. Very pleased with the look of the kurouchi and the performance of the blade.

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