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Takamura Chromax Santoku 170mm
Takamura Chromax Santoku 170mm Takamura Chromax Santoku 170mmTakamura Chromax Santoku 170mmTakamura Chromax Santoku 170mm
Takamura Chromax Santoku 170mmTakamura Chromax Santoku 170mmTakamura Chromax Santoku 170mmTakamura Chromax Santoku 170mm

Takamura Chromax Santoku 170mm

Item #: TC-S170

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 17 reviews)

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Our Price: $115.00
Santoku knives are really great all-around kitchen blades. They have a deft feel and tall blades which endow the knives with a great deal of versatility in their cutting capabilities. Santoku translates to “three virtues” and the acts of slicing, chopping, and dicing are tackled with aplomb by this classic design. Many Western chefs and home cooks look to the santoku as their go-to blade for most cutting tasks. They have become a very popular alternative to the classic Western chef knife or small gyuto.

The Takamura Chromax Santoku is a very sweet knife. It is made from Chromax steel, which is a semi stainless alloy often compared to R2. It has a very solid and tough feel, as opposed to a slightly more dainty feel of R2.

Chromax is composed of 5% chromium, 1% carbon, 0.9% manganese, 1.2% molybdenum and 0.5% vanadium. It is more resistant to corrosion than standard carbon steel. It is also harder and exhibits better edge retention compared to standard stain-resistant steel. Chromax steel manifests the positive characteristics of both carbon and stain-resistant steel.

These knives have a very attractive hammered finish and excellent grinds. The tsuchime hammered pattern was actually first developed and patented by Takamura Cutlery 50 years ago. Since the expiration of the patent, it is now used by many knife makers. This is the same blade as the other Takamura Chromax Santoku except with a nicer bolstered handle made of light brown oak colored wood.

  • Weight: 5.2 oz (150 g)
  • Edge Length: 171 mm
  • Total Length: 300 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 1.8 mm
  • Blade Height: 46.0 mm
  • Cladding: Stainless Hammered
  • Edge: 50/50
  • Steel: Chromax
  • HRC: 64-65
  • Handle: Western

  • Customer Reviews


    17 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
    Posted By: Zirf
    1 people found this review helpful

    Just amazing! The blade is a laser. Sharp out of box. If you're looking at this knife, recommend you get it as it will go out of stock quick!

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      Super happy with this one!
    Posted By: Brian

    I've spent so much time reading and watching videos on this site and I finally decided to purchase this santoku. Now that I've used it a few times, I'm really happy with my choice. Fit and finish are excellent and it's easy care. It's plenty sharp OOTB for me. I'm just home cook, so a few swipes on a ceramic rod is all I need to maintain a performance that suits me. I did take some emery cloth to the choil to make it comfortable with my pinch grip. It looks great on my magnetic block. This one's a real value!

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      Handcrafted beauty for a beautiful price
    Posted By: Ali

    I got this for an anniversary gift for my wife. She is a home cook but used to work in her family's restaurant so she has pro knife skills. Wanted to get her a quality, versatile kitchen knife that also had a story. The Takamura brand is apparently very well known among chef knife fanatics and for good reason, the quality is very high and it feels handmade (because it is, apparently this brand is just a family business run by 3 guys in a small factory). The hand-hammered steel is beautiful and effective--it makes starchy food less likely to stick-- and the hand engraved kanji is beautiful. I really think it's the best japanese knife you can get for the quality, if you care about that hand crafted feel.

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      High performance at a modest price point. A great find!
    Posted By: Austin Moody

    Very nice little knife. I've now bought several as gifts for clients. I'm a 6-year custom knife-maker who doesn't have enough time to make knives as gifts, and these knives perform like my own. In my opinion these knives offer a tremendous value in terms of price:performance. They are easily maintained with a quick touch-up on a ceramic honing rod, too.

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      Excellent edge retention and food release
    Posted By: Stephen Sedmak - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    I'm really impressed with this Chromax Santoku compared to the other Japanese-style kitchen knives I own, including MAC, Tojiro DP, Fujiwara FKM, and even Takamura R2. The Chromax hammered finish exceeded my expectations with dramatically improved food release when cutting starchy vegetables compared to my flat-surfaced Santoku knives - butternut squash sticks to them like glue, but brushes right off the hammered finish on the Chromax. True, butternut squash doesn't simply fall away, but only needs a light touch to release from the blade, which is still a vast improvement over a flat polished metal surface. Out of the box-sharpness measured 80 on my PT50B, which is REALLY sharp, and after cutting 3/8" sisal rope 50 times on a wooden cutting board, it measured 160, which is still legitimately razor-sharp. No chipping or edge rolling. Stropping with polish-loaded denim brought it right back to 80 sharpness. This is with the factory edge! For comparison, a measurement of 300 is considered to be typical "working sharpness"; my Tojiro DP's VG-10 factory edge measured 115 fresh-stropped and 235 after 50 rope cuts, and Fujiwara FKM's AUS-8 factory edge measured 140 and 285, respectively. Takamura Chromax was almost as sharp after heavy use/abuse as Fujiwara FKM AUS-8 is fresh out of the box! And with a quick stropping, it's back to being a laser-cutter. While I'm curious if I can do better than the factory edge, at this rate it's going to be a long time before I feel the need to even try. Compared to Takamura R2, cutting ability is almost as good, but the Chromax blade is MUCH tougher - as one would expect from the modified tool steel used in Chromax. In my book, Takamura Chromax's toughness and hammered finish more than make up for the tiny edge that Takamura R2 has in cutting ability. Regarding corrosion, after a couple weeks of daily use, a faint patina is forming on the edge with diligent washing and towel-drying of the blade immediately after use every time. The patina doesn't seem to have affected cutting ability. If I let it sit after use without washing and drying, the edge might rust and need re-sharpening. Finally, the handle is very comfortable to use, and doesn't hot spot in a pinch grip, whereas I needed to use sandpaper on my Tojiro DP knives. All-in-all, the Takamura Chromax Santoku is a wonderfully-designed and manufactured kitchen knife, so long as you take proper care of it.

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      Perfect gift
    Posted By: Mariam - verified customer

    Bought this knife as a present for my partner who wanted to get a first Japanese knife. He was very pleased, it looks good and is very sharp. He is left handed but found the knife comfortable to use. It was very easy to order on the website and delievered quickly here in Canada. Will definitely order more knives from

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    Posted By: EK - verified customer

    cuts like a dream!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
    Posted By: Daniel - verified customer

    Easily one of my favorites. A professional chefs dream.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
    Posted By: Daniel - verified customer

    Easily one of my favorites. A professional chefs dream.

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      Good looks and performance at a great price!
    Posted By: BobZ

    Laser performance in a Santoku! This knife has great fit and finish and will probably be the sharpest knife you ever get out of a box. Thin tip and thin behind the edge, it just glides through food. I like it so much i just bought the big brother gyuto.

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      Great little knife
    Posted By: Collin Conner - verified customer

    The chromax santoku performs beautifully, and it is a perfect choice for someone with smaller hands. I got it for my wife since see finds my 10.5 gyuto unwieldy. I have noticed that the high carbon edge picks up rust splotches very easily if you cut something acidic and leave it out or don't dry right away after washing.

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      Takamura Chromax Santoku
    Posted By: Lonnie Wong - verified customer

    Very sharp out of the box. Like the weight and size.

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      Like a Good Woman
    Posted By: HBunny - verified customer

    I am a chef in a medium volume restaurant and use this knife for prep (not as a line knife). Its performance is incredible. Looking at the prepped ingredients, one can tell this knife cut them. The cut faces of foods are smooth as silk. The knife puts no stress on the ingredients as it glides through. Micro-sized mincing is easily achieved. A quick hone after each prep job has kept the blade impressively sharp for two weeks so far. The very edge of the blade, the core steel, is developing a gorgeous patina. Keep it dry. The design encourages proper blade-pinch grip. It's very nimble and fun to use.The most impressive part is how impossibly thin the blade stays behind the cutting edge (until the textured portion).This knife feels great, looks great, and performs far beyond expectation.

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      Chromax Santoku
    Posted By: Edward Roth - verified customer

    Not much has changed since my first review. The knife is a pleasure to use. The handle is quite comfortable with very good blade height and I find it perfectly balanced for a pinch grip. Plus it's very good looking. And yup, it's a sharp one.

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      You Gotta Be Kidding..
    Posted By: Edward Roth - verified customer

    I was skeptical of the comments from the other reviewers about the sharpness of this knife, even Steve's remarks. Have you ever used a fine straight razor? This santoku OWNS the word sharp.You ever use a scalpel? Yeah, it's all that. At 64-65 rockwell it should also hold that edge and be fair on the stones to sharpen. I just used it to dissect a fresh pumpkin...butter mean anything to you? Onions? It smiles with joy because onions offer no resistance at all. Meat? Cuts like surgery...Any questions? This knife is light, laser, deft and beauty...worth more than the cost and a dream to use. You want value on one super all-round knife, you get this one while it's in stock. My only gripe...I really like a wa type handle but still 5 stars.

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      Super sharp
    Posted By: Cody Penton - verified customer

    Like previous reviewers have stated, you can shave with this thing OOTB. Screaming sharp. I just got it so I can't say how well the edge holds but this is by far the sharpest OOTB knife I've ever used.

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      The only santoku you'll need to know about
    Posted By: Leo - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Man the edge out of the box on my knife was a 9.5/10 just because I've never met a 10. handle is super comfortable, patina takes tons of onions, garlic or any acid material to form, since this is a semi stainless steel. Edge outperforms any I ve tried, aesthetics on this hammered finish is beautiful, lightweight with a nice balance to it. Extremely thin behind the edge. But the best of all is the sharpening characteristics; it feels like a white

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