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Shapton Pro Wine 5000 Grit
Shapton Pro Wine 5000 Grit

Shapton Pro Wine 5000 Grit

Item #: K0704

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Our Price: $70.00
Shapton Professional stones are highly regarded for the speed at which they cut, resistance to dishing and wear, and the splash and go characteristics associated with this ceramic medium. Fairly hard, these stones provide excellent feedback and achieve very nice levels of finish in the medium and higher grits.

The Shapton Pro 5000 grit stone is an excellent choice as a finishing stone while sharpening kitchen knives or a transition stone during a razor progression. Like the rest of the series, this stone comes with a slotted storage case for uniform drying which also doubles as a stone holder. These stones measure 8.25 x 2.75 each.

*Please note, Shapton stopped printing their name on the Pro Stones for delivery to Shapton USA at the end of 2015. All new stones have no printed ink.

Customer Reviews


8 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
  Fast & Smooth Stone!
Posted By: Stephen Davidson - verified customer

This stone is a splash and go and is really fast, but it's also very smooth to. It arrived pretty flat and took no time to make sure that it's dead flat and clean up was a breeze. All I had to do was wash it under some warm water and it was good to go. It also has remained dead flat since I flattened it and I've used it numerous times to. A perfect mid range stone for straight razors.

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  Great stone
Posted By: Tom - verified customer
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This is a very smooth stone and it starts to get mud fast for a 5K. i use it between the 2K or 3K Chosera and 8K Shapton Pro. I could stop with this 5K but I`m a perfectionist when it comes to my kitchen knives. It will polish German and hard Japanese steel quick. Buy this stone, you`ll love it.

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  Icing on the Cake
Posted By: Jeff B - verified customer

A great finishing stone for steels on the harder side. Very hard slow dishing stone that feels silky smooth and leaves a great edge with just the right bite. And who doesn't love splash-n-go!

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  Great product
Posted By: Juan P. - verified customer

This is a hard medium speed ton imh. Case doubles up as a holder, bonus points. It does leaves a nice refined edge for most kitchen task, not to refined to affecthe edge retention. I didn't like the feel on my hand neither the initial feedback. It gets better the more you use it but then it starts to dish. It does dishes slowly. All in all this is a great stone to finish off the knifes the you want to have a medium refined edge . Polish is on the hasty side of mirror.

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  could not be happier
Posted By: Max S. - verified customer

Well I originally bought the Shapton 1k stone, and I really enjoyed it. I received the purple 5k stone for christmas and WOW! It is like sharpening on a slowly melting piece of ice! your knife slides over it without making much of a sound at all, while the surface is harder feeling than the 1k, it still has a bit of soft feel to it. Just a pleasure to use and the finish it leaves is amazing. Can't imagine what the 8 or 10k are like!

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  Product Review
Posted By: Aaron - verified customer

Number 3 on the list and once again does not fail to impress. Once again cuts very quickly and leaves behind a crisp edge with still good bite to it. Splash and go so always a plus. Dishes really slowly so no need to constantly flatten.

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  Product Review
Posted By: Rich - verified customer
2 people found this review helpful

The Shapton Pro 5000 grit stone is a light, compact, and easy to carry high quality splash and go sharpening stone that comes in a in a protective case. It works great in combination with the Shapton Pro 1,000 or 1,5000 grit stones. You can use it for minor edge repair and to maintain a sharp edge. When combined with the Shapton Pro 1,000 grit stone, it is a fantastic one-two punch portable sharpening solution for knife kits. A perfect addition to knife kits for culinary students and chefs alike.

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  Product Review
Posted By: Anthony - verified customer

Shapton Pro Stones are top notch stones available to us US citizens. No soaking and cuts extremely fast with no loading. What else do you want from a stone.

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