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Richmond 2oz Diamond Spray 1.0 Micron
Richmond 2oz Diamond Spray 1.0 Micron

Richmond 2oz Diamond Spray 1.0 Micron

Item #: RichmondSpray-1

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Our Price: $16.95
Introducing the Richmond Diamond Spray. This 2oz spray is contains 10 carats weight of diamond powder that is mixed particle size up to 1 micron in size. We also use a non clumping formula for even application. To use this item simply spritz on your favorite strop 2-3 times and let it dry. It will last multiple stropping sessions so a little goes a long way. This is our secret weapon when sharpening knives for our customers. Once you try stropping with this spray you'll see why. You'll be smooth shaving and putting scary sharp edges on all your razors, kitchen knives, and tools. Stay Sharp!

Customer Reviews


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  Perfect knife finisher, July 19, 2022
Posted By: Matt Jacobs

This is now my go to for finishing off my knife edges or touching up when they need. I keep a leather strop loaded with it, unlike just leather this actually leaves a toothy edge.

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Posted By: stephen frick - verified customer

very nice spray. Works well

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Posted By: Trent C Sapp - verified customer
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This product is truly efficacious! Apply it to leather, it's great apply to wood it's slightly different, slightly more aggressive. Dropping pearls here but on glossy finish cardboard the finish that is achieved is spectacular. Hair whittling is the lower end result, if done right it will blow right through the hair. Skill is obviously required but this product will deliver.

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Posted By: Roesch Jeffrey - verified customer

Have been challenged stropping some very high hardness and/or wear resistant metals like HAP 40. This got things going the right direction straight away. Followed up with some finer CBN products previously purchased. The knives turned out wonderfully. Love CKTG and service!

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  Excellent product
Posted By: J Roesch - verified customer

I have been having difficulty stropping my very high hardness and wear resistant blades, such as HAP 40 at 65 HRC. Stropping with the 1 micron diamond spray has worked perfectly! The compound cuts very well and is a great base for follow-up with finer micron CBN spray previously ordered from this site. The edges are crazy sharp. As always, super fast service with great communication. Thanks CKTG.

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  Awesome stuff!
Posted By: Matt

It's about half the price of other brands and works amazing. It took my sharpening to another level.
I currently finish with this, but will probably grab the .5 and .25 to compare. Be careful when applying as it had a wider spray than I thought it would. I've made a bit of a mess with it a few times. Now I spray it on over the sink. If you are looking to get that nice mirror polish this is the way to go.

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  Top Performance
Posted By: Dale Vickers - verified customer

Shake well and you get easily applied stropping goodness. I used the 1 micron on balsa and am very pleased with the results. Great Value !

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  Diamond spray
Posted By: Chris - verified customer

Takes a lot of shaking to get everything in suspension other than that awesome.

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  Awesome diamond spray!
Posted By: Mike B - verified customer

This diamond spray is by far the best diamond spray I've used for the price. It works as well as dmt brand or Ken Schwartz's sprays. For the price it can't be beat in my opinion. It stays effective for a long time and works fast. It will separate after a while so shake before use. Highly recommended!

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  Great for getting the perfect edge
Posted By: Brandon Burnett

I've been using this with the kangaroo 1x6" strop for the Edge Pro and have gotten excellent results. Get a much nicer edge than with the 2000 grit polish tapes alone, plus the 1 micron leaves a bit of "bite" on the edge, I'm sure I could keep going with .5 and .25 micron but for my pocket knives 1 micron seems to be adequate.

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