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Naniwa Leather Strop
Naniwa Leather Strop

Naniwa Leather Strop

Item #: IU-1100
Our Price: $19.95
This Naniwa leather strop is mounted on a wooden base to ensure even stropping. Stropping is the crucial final stage in achieving razor-sharp edges, and this strop excels at removing persistent burrs that finer whetstones leave behind, resulting in an exceptionally sharp and smooth finish. It's ideal for daily maintenance and perfecting the sharpening of your knives. Additionally, the strop features a soft, non-slip pad on the bottom to secure it to your countertop during use. Measures 210mm x 70mm x 20mm. Size: 2507025 mm Weight: 200 g Material: Cowhide + Magnolia Woo

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