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Masakage Koishi Gyuto 210mm
Masakage Koishi Gyuto 210mm Masakage Koishi Gyuto 210mmMasakage Koishi Gyuto 210mmMasakage Koishi Gyuto 210mm
Masakage Koishi Gyuto 210mmMasakage Koishi Gyuto 210mmMasakage Koishi Gyuto 210mmMasakage Koishi Gyuto 210mm

Masakage Koishi Gyuto 210mm

Item #: Koishi-Gyuto210

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews)

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Our Price: $275.00
The Koishi line is made from very hard (about 64 Rockwell) Aogami Super Steel. These knives have the best edge retention of any of the Masakage line. Handmade by Yoshimi Kato in Echizen Japan, the stainless steel cladding allows for a relatively low maintenance knife considering the edge capabilities. The knives aren't thin enough to be lasers, but do feature an outstanding grind and are quite thin behind the edge.

The 210mm gyuto is the Japanese equivalent of an 8" chef's knife. It is a multipurpose blade with unmatched versatility. It is perfectly at home rocking, chopping, or slicing, be it through vegetables, tubers, or proteins. A perfect size for those who want the standard kitchen knife profile but don't want the extra length of a 240 or 270mm.

  • Brand: Masakage
  • Line: Koishi
  • Location: Echizen, Japan
  • Construction: Hammer Forged, San Mai
  • Finish: Kurouchi
  • Edge Steel: Aogami Super
  • Handle: Cherry Octagonal
  • Ferrule: Black Pakka Wood
  • Engraving: Hand Engraved
  • Edge Grind: Even
  • Weight: 5.2 oz (148 g)
  • Edge Length: 216 mm
  • Total Length: 358 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Heel: 3.6 mm
  • Blade Height: 47.0 mm

  • Customer Reviews


    11 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Awesome.. , June 8, 2022
    Posted By: Andrew Gomez
    1 people found this review helpful

    As a chef for 16 years the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship is what you get with this knife.. similar knifes with real good quality can be had for around 100 less with the same steels used and everything.. BUT YOU DO NOT GET THE AMAZING HAND MADE WITH LOVE AND CARE AND GREAT CRAFTMENSHIP AND EXPERIENCE THAT YOU WOULD GET WITH THIS KNIFE.. Not to add the sharpen you get from Takayuki Shibata himself.. all around work of art the finish is amazing all are hand made so can vary but mine is thin perfect finish perfect handle perfect fitting perfect thin edge perfect tip made on Feb 2, 2022 as noted by the newspaper its wrapped in.. my set was missing the coin and the charm so that sucks.. but the knife is beautiful and worth it if you have the skills to manage such a beast and want a beautiful knife get it.. mine has patinad blue on the edge so extra beautiful.. it has a stainless clad so not everything is reactive so fairly easy to manage and take care.. learn how to use a whetstone first this is super easy but don't try your first time on this beauty find a cheaper knife to work with.. so in all its a process.. if you want to splurge just to splurge go ahead buy this beauty.. I suggest learning how to sharpen with whetstone. This is super blue so has fairly good retention so can get by with a black ceramic rod for a while but eventually you need to sharpen this baby and if you put this piece of love in a machine I hope you get struck by lightning immediately

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      Excellent Knife
    Posted By: Maurizio

    I gotta say I fell in love with this knife and its line when I first saw it, and after owing this Gyuto for 6 months it has become my favorite knife out of my kit. Great out of the box edge. The handle is not that heavy and can't say I have had any issues while cutting. Easy to sharpen as well and holds edge very well. I'm definitely considering getting another knife from this life.

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      Masakage Koishi Gyuto 210
    Posted By: Rob K - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    The knife is amazing. Home cook here. Never had a knife so sharp. Beautiful too. And, the service from CKTG is terrific. Quick response to questions. Swift shipping. Can't ask for more. Well, I can, but that means ordering another knife, which I will do in the future! Thanks folks!

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      Masakage Koishi Gyuto---LOVE IT!!!
    Posted By: Hanky Bull - verified customer

    Amazing, love this knife. So well made, good look/design, balanced, and laser sharp!!!

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      Beautiful and Incredibly Sharp
    Posted By: Jon W - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    I've been eyeing the Yuki Gyuto for some time. When CKTG had a sale for both the Yuki and Koishi, I decided to go for the next step up. Suffice to say, I have no regrets doing so.First of all, the knife is sharp, but it also holds the edge quite well from all the chopping I've been doing. From the other reviews, it sounds like the 64 HRC will help keep its sharpness for some time to come.The octagon handle is super comfortable. I was afraid it would be less comfortable than an oval, but now that I've been using it, the shape feels better and provides slightly more control since it doesn't want to twist in the hand as easily with a pinch grip. It's a little bit on the rough side as others pointed out, but nothing that bothers me.The Kurouchi finish is very pretty but I don't think it's particularly non-stick at all in terms of releasing food. The rough finish is relatively high up on the blade so there is still a large ground surface where food will want to stick to.After my first night using it, it already developed a slight blue-ish patina which I find quite nice. Sometimes I find myself going to the kitchen and doing nothing else but holding the knife in my hand. I guess I'm still in my honeymoon phase.

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      Great knife
    Posted By: Brett Gaspard - verified customer

    I have zero regrets about this knife. I've been putting it through the paces and it has yet to disappoint me.

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      Great knife!!
    Posted By: Ossume I Price - verified customer

    This knife is sharp out of the box. Flies through produce even potatoes. Comfortable in the hand well balanced, looks gorgeous the pictures doesn't do it justice. Imy a professional Chef with about 700 covers a night and this knife stays Sharp.

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      Exceptional Quality and Value
    Posted By: Andrew Vice - verified customer

    If memory serves me right, I've had this knife for a little over a year now. It's my day-to-day workhorse for just about everything I do in the kitchen. The knife came out of the box wicked sharp and has stayed that way after a year of almost daily use. I haven't even thought about taking a stone to it at this point, as every time I hone it up it slides through the trickiest surfaces, like tomatoes, with almost no effort.For me, the 210 mm length is perfect. I used to rock a 10 inch Shun chef's knife, but frankly I found the length a little unweildly for anything other than the most basic chopping work, so when I was shopping for a new boutique knife, I hopped down to ~8 inches and am really happy with the choice. The knife is very nimble and versatile, and I use it for just about every task.In agreement with another reviewer, the finish on the knife is absolutely gorgeous and the photos really can't do it justice. It looks and feels like the work of an expert craftsman, and to boot the finish is extremely resilient. I treat my knives with respect in general, but sometimes I finish prepping dinner, sit down to eat, and may not get back to clean up for an hour or two or even longer, but the finish has held up perfectly without any rusting or unsightly tarnishing. A quick wash and dry and she looks good as new.The only complaint or criticism I have is that on the specific knife I received, the handle and the blade are not perfectly aligned. If you look down the spine of the knife the handle drifts out a bit to the right. This may be an intentional design feature I'm not aware of and it doesn't really impact the performance of the knife at all, but as someone with some minor OCD tendencies, it occasionally annoys me.The texture of the handle out of the box was a tad on the rough side, but a quick sanding with some high grit finishing paper smoothed it right out.All in all this is an exceptional knife and a great value. Knowing what I know after using it for a year, I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

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      Fantastic Knife and Superb Customer Service
    Posted By: John K - verified customer

    The Koishi is a beautifully made gyuto that out performs any other chef knife I have (Hattori FH, wustorf Classic and wustof ikon). The knife came very sharp and got even sharper with a little attention on the whetstone. I was even able to replicate the handed slice of a free standing grape. Thanks to Mark for his patience and knowledge in helping me choose the right knife!

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Gary L Nelson - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Masakage Koishi gyuto 210mmThis is an impressive knife. I have been using it for over 6 months, I prefer using an item before reviewing. I'm a consultant and I have not cooked professionally for over 15 years, but I'm still picky about my knives and equipment and they get extensive daily use.This a ?beautiful? knife very light and comfortable in the hand. It was extremely sharp out of the box, finish and fit are perfect as I would expect for this level ($) of knife. The carbon steel edge has been a non issue with me. It holds it's edge and I have yet had to sharpen it, only the ceramic Mac black rod so far. The only slight problem I have is with the ?pebble/tsuchime? surface it's beautiful, however, I find thin slices of onions, tomatoes, cucumber, etc. have a tendency to hang on the blade. This is a minor problem and would not stop me from recommending this knife to anyone. Next up a Masakage petty. The bottom line is I love it. 5 Stars As always CKTG are accurate in product descriptions fast in their shipping and a pleasure to do business with.Gary L NelsonLittle Rock, AR

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      Product Review
    Posted By: B.B.C. - verified customer

    First off, a few specks:Cutting edge: 219mmLength from back of choil: 215mmHeight at heel: 47mmSpine width at handle: 5mmSpine width in front of pinch grip(5cm from handle): 2mmI work at a moderately high volume restaurant (between 500 and 750 covers on a busy night) so in the few weeks I've had this it has seen some pretty heavy use. My first impression of the knife upon opening it is that the pictures didn't do it justice. The fit and finish is impeccable. This knife is simply stunning and as the exposed edge has patinaed it has only gotten more so. It was also wicked sharp out of the box w/ no need to sharpen it at all. I have a coworker who is afraid of it. It has also kept its edge extremely well. I've yet to sharpen it. I do however stop it nightly and hone it occasionally on my mac black ceramic rod. The handle is also gorgeous however, there is a distinct texture difference between the cherry wood handle and pakka wood ferrule. Once i hit them with a quick sanding with 1200 grit sandpaper that was all taken care of. Also i was a little unsure of an octagonal handle but found no problems with it. In fact, this is the most comfortable knife i have ever held (for reference I do use a pinch grip). It has been a pleasure to cut with and, I have used it for pretty much everything requiring a knife in the kitchen. This knife is not a laser, but the grind is excellent. It only experiences minor wedging in taller hard ingredients such as squash. I mostly chop and use push/pull cuts and on anything softer than an onion the knife does quite literally fall through. When chopping celery I could not feel the blade go through, only hear it. The hammered kurouchi finish is a bit rough to the touch but the only effect when cutting is you can really hear the knife when cutting. The koishi is also quite nimble and i have been using it to peel all sorts of ingredients (carrots, cucumbers, jicima, potatoes,etc.) and even for parring a bit. I also love the slight recurve of the choil area. I used to use chinese cleavers and tend to use the heel of knives as my point for many pairing tasks. This knife is the best for that of any i have tried. I also have never had an easier time of trimming and butterflying multiple cases of chicken the edge on this knife just glides through any meet laid before it. There have been many statements that decry the use of carbon steels in the professional kitchen because of maintenance issues. I found just keeping a damn sanitizer rag and a dry rag both folded next to my board gives me the ability to give the knife a few wipes on each occasionally. I have had absolutely no problems with rust and with the way this AS steel performs more maintenance we would still be worth it.I only have a couple of very minor qualms with this knife. First, I find it to be a little short for my tastes, however if i had gone for the 240 I think it would have fixed this. I should have paid more attention to what I read in the forums. My own fault there. Second, was the handle texture I mentioned before. All in all I love this knife. I am extraordinarily pleased with all aspects of my purchase. Thank you to everyone at Chef Knives to Go for your exemplary service, and to every one on this forum for being the wealth of information and positive feedback that you are.

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