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Konosuke HD2 Suji 300mm Ebony
Konosuke HD2 Suji 300mm Ebony Konosuke HD2 Suji 300mm EbonyKonosuke HD2 Suji 300mm EbonyKonosuke HD2 Suji 300mm Ebony
Konosuke HD2 Suji 300mm EbonyKonosuke HD2 Suji 300mm EbonyKonosuke HD2 Suji 300mm EbonyKonosuke HD2 Suji 300mm Ebony

Konosuke HD2 Suji 300mm Ebony

Item #: KHD2-S300Ebony

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews)

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Our Price: $469.95
The Konosuke line of knives is very well known for their exceptional quality, incredibly thin grinds, and flawless performance. At 270mm this sujihiki is ready for whatever the home cook or professional chef can throw at it. This series of knives is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular series of knives that Chef Knives To Go carries.

The blade is a mono-steel construction using HD2, semi-stainless steel. The heat treat on the blade is in the range of 61 HRC. As mentioned the grinds and geometry on this knife are designed for high performance, and boy does it deliver! This knife is not only thin at the spine, but it is insanely thin behind the edge. Couple the thinness of the blade with the steel's ability to take and hold a rather acute sharpening angle, and you are in for a real treat!

The handle is made of ebony and laurel in a slim, octagonal shape. Please note that Kosuke likes to install the handles with a small gap in the machi and it's intentional and it's called Tokyo Style.

  • Maker: Konosuke
  • Region: Sakai, Japan
  • Steel: HD2
  • HRC: 61
  • Type: Mono Steel
  • Shape: Sujihiki
  • Blade Height: 41mm
  • Blade Length: 290mm
  • Total Length: 450mm
  • Weight: 5.9oz/ 170g
  • Handle: Octagonal
  • Wood: Ebony
  • Ferrule: Laurel

  • Customer Reviews


    6 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      konosuke 270 hd2, April 30, 2018
    Posted By: dennis horcicak - verified customer

    could use some rounding on choil edge other than that very good all around

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      Just buy it, June 29, 2017
    Posted By: Jonah - verified customer

    easily my favorite knife. Definitely happy I got the 270mm.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Very Cool Blade, November 19, 2016
    Posted By: Chef Peter - verified customer

    So I have wanted this blade ever since i got out of the German stuff and into J knives...They where always sold out and given the chance know after so many years i had to get one ...Now over the years i have gone through several size gyutos and steels and learned a thing or two about steel types HRC , geometry and stones for all those different characteristics..This Knife is special cant really find semi stainless wa style gyutos so thats first geometry is amazing custom handle from mark this knife is a beauty..Wish hrc was harder but its really cool steel...The Price is high manly because of nostalgia and rarity...If you want something similar and better steel the as 0r hap40 kohetsu are your best best i have both and with out a doubt get those over this.... but again got this blade because its the unicorn of the blades i enjoy would definitely get it again ten times over if you can

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      Japanese Flagship , October 7, 2016
    Posted By: Carlos - verified customer

    Best of the knives in the market, the edge and the profile is well made, everything is taken care of in big detail. If you can get it you will never regret it.

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      Great laser , October 5, 2016
    Posted By: Patrick - verified customer

    Out of the box this knife was amazingly sharp. It is wafer thin at the edge and drops right through what your cutting. The length was perfect as I prefer a larger knife. The balance point is right below the engraving so for a pinch grip it's spot on. The only thing about this k ice I would change is little more hight on the heel. I have larger hands and it would be more comfortable if there was more clearance between the handle and board.

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      Konosuke hd2 270, September 5, 2016
    Posted By: Dan - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    All of the hype is real--this knife is brilliant. I wondered if the 270 might be a bit much, but this feels more nimble than my 240 Masamoto VG. The ootb sharpness was very good, and the knife is a delight to use.

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